Marketing for modern lawyers

We created a website marketing platform that demystifies the web and empowers lawyers to participate in their firm's marketing. Now attorneys can control their professional destinies and outpace competitors, without outspending them.

Law firm website design

We design, build, host and service law firm websites. Every site is mobile compatible and responsive, and designed for beauty, ease of use and search engine optimization. All sites include an optional blog.

Our website design process

When law firms sign up for LawLytics they get a dedicated design and implementation team that spends 100% of their time designing websites for lawyers. We know what works, and how to guide our clients to that happy place while honoring what makes each firm unique. Our process saves attorneys time and stress, and typically results in a flawless launch in less than three weeks.

Intuitive control panel

Any lawyer who knows how to use a word processor or send an email already knows how to use the LawLytics Control Panel. Attorneys can easily create, edit and publish pages and blog posts to the web. No more waiting for the "tech guy" to respond.

Network without the "work"

We built a better way for lawyers to cultivate their reputations and referral networks using the web. Our cross-marketing network and social media tools help attorneys harness the power of modern online networking without repetitive clicking and posting.

Local law firm marketing

The Control Panel includes built-in location based tools, including interactive Google Maps. Easily insert maps into any page by entering a street address.


It's easy and safe for law firms to upgrade to LawLytics from any host, web platform or marketing provider. The transition process requires no work on the part of the law firm, and involves no downtime.

Build a better case pipeline

The Control Panel includes tools that help attorneys expand their flow of new cases. Use the easy web form builder to create and publish lead generation and client intake forms.

Never miss a potential new client

Use the LawLytics Control Panel to track potential new clients in a way that makes sense. See the pages they visit and know what influences new business.

Simple analytics

The LawLytics Control Panel comes with simple web analytics to help attorneys understand how their marketing really works.

Drag, drop and take charge

When lawyers want to participate in their firm's marketing, the LawLytics Control Panel removes the technological barriers. It's intuitive, drag and drop simple, and designed for the way lawyers think about their businesses.

Delegate with confidence

The LawLytics Control Panel allows law firm stakeholders to safely delegate any aspect of their online legal marketing to their staff and 3rd party vendors without losing control. Deploy our consulting services on an ongoing or "as needed" basis to achieve the best balance of personal life, law practice and business.

Our people make the difference

We're attorney owned and operated. We do not employ salespeople or pay sales commissions. We understand the intersection of legal marketing, legal ethics, technology and results. We operate LawLytics as the online marketing provider that we would want to collaborate with in our own law practices. We work only with lawyers and love contributing to the success of great law firms.

A new ethos, a different approach to legal marketing

We partner with law firms to create sustainable long-term marketing assets that appreciate over time. We profit when lawyers profit over time. Some more features:

Unlimited Content

There's no limit on how large a law firm's web presence can grow using LawLytics.

Unlimited Users

Each firm member can have their own secure user account.

Unlimited Targeting

Firms can target as many practice and geographic areas as they want.

Clear Ownership

Lawyers own their domains and copyright on all their content.

Quality Assurance

We have stringent processes to ensure the highest quality product.

Recipe For Success

LawLytics clients get a legal marketing roadmap proven to generate success.

Grow Intelligently

We help lawyers make adjustments in real time for continued growth.

Compete Smarter

We show lawyers how to outsmart their competition, not outspend them.

Sustainable Growth

Never throw money away on disposable advertising again.

Limitless Opportunity

We offer a range of services from high-end to entry-level.

Reach Everybody

Our sites are optimized for the best client experience on every device.

Search Friendly

Our sites are built with the search engines in mind.

Built For Lawyers

So there's never a need for us to compromise on features.

Built-In Social

It integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Unlimited Support

We train, guide, and support our clients at all times.

A brief video introduction to LawLytics

LawLytics CEO Dan Jaffe on what to expect.

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