About LawLytics

We love solos and small law firms

Founded in 2011 by an attorney who got tired of the high costs and unreliability of SEO and marketing agencies, LawLytics empowers law firms so that, when it comes to their marketing, they don’t have to worry, wonder, struggle or miss opportunities.

We believe in people — our team and our clients. So we invest in long-term relationships instead of short-term profits. From our senior strategic team to every engineer, designer, legal marketing advisor and client support agent, we’re aligned in our mission and focused on helping law firms succeed.

Founder Daniel Jaffe is admitted to practice law in Washington State and Arizona, and built successful practices in both states.

Our Commitment to You

We promise that:

  1. We’ll keep you on the cutting edge.
  2. You’ll always own your firm’s website.
  3. We won’t lock you into a long-term contract.
  4. We will always charge fair prices.
  5. We’ll help you build your website into a money-making asset.
  6. We won’t sell you things you don’t need.
  7. Our team will be led by attorneys.
  8. Our platform will maintain its exclusive legal focus.
  9. Our technology will be up to date or ahead of the curve.
  10. You’ll be able to change and evolve your goals, plans, and budget on the fly, so you’ll never be stuck with a direction, or bill, that’s not optimized for your firm’s current goals and budget.

Our Values

We love lawyers.
We love helping them build highly profitable practices.

We empower lawyers.
We love helping them take control of their marketing.

We give measurable value.
We only sell things that work, and that add measurable value.

Attorney-Founded and Operated

We love empowering lawyers to effectively market their practices online.

Daniel Jaffe, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Anita Malik Picture

Anita Malik
Chief Operating Officer

Rohan Daxini CTO

Rohan Daxini
Chief Technology Officer

Rachel Chalot, JD, MSW
VP, Product

Sara DeLeeuw
VP, Member Success

Shivani Daxini
VP Operations, India

Karan Valecha
Lead Software Engineer

Dusty Horton
Sr. Director, Systems & Technology

Danielle Rees
Director, Website Migrations

Sampat Badhe
Lead Software Engineer

Swati Jadhav
Lead Software Engineer

Janelle Buchanan
Front End Engineer

Shyamsundar Gupta
Lead Software Engineer

Yashika Mehra
HR Manager

Prayesh Shah
Software Engineer

David Petersohn
Senior Launch Technician

Ian Anderson
Manager, Support

Pooja Jadhav
Senior QA Engineer

Apolonio Garcia
Technology Innovation Engineer

Taylor Perry
Web Designer

Nicole Fafard
Web Designer

Tina Sorenson, LLM
Managing Editor

Michael Riker
Senior Sales Executive

Ruth Davis
Billing Specialist

Leslie Richards
Manager, Setup

Crystal Allen
Setup Coordinator

Caitlin O’Connor
Setup Coordinator

Cait Westacott
Setup Coordinator

Shayne Goldie
Sales Associate

Amanda Barnett
Support Specialist

Destiny Davis
Launch Technician

Joseph Simpkins
Support Specialist

Sreelakshmi Nair
Talent Acquisition Executive

Mayank Shukla
Senior Automation Engineer

Nipun Paradkar
Software Engineer

Pranay Binju
Senior Software Engineer

Drew Mancini
Digital Marketing Manager

Mamta Kukreja
Business Analyst

Matt Seiwert
Support Specialist

Krishna Singh
Software Engineer

Manoj Saun
Software Engineer

Imanpal Singh
Software Engineer

Atique Akhtar
Software Engineer

Navaneeth Krishnan
Software Engineer

Jaskaran Singh
Software Engineer

Courtney Loyd
Support Specialist

Ankit Joshi
HR Executive

Vanessa Niro
Setup Coordinator

Syed Asraf
QA Engineer

Athira Kadampatta
Senior Software Engineer

Amit Yadav
QA Engineer

Darshan Shah
QA Engineer

Vishal Jain
Software Engineer

Caleb Clavin

Caleb Clavin
Support Specialist

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