There are plenty of things that can get in the way when you want to write a blog post. It’s one reason why content planning is important. However, there are also a number of useful productivity tools that can help you manage your time, manage your attention, and manage your editing.

Here are three that we think attorney bloggers will find useful.

The Pomodoro Technique for Law Firm Blogging

The pressure of a ticking clock can urge some people to get more done. But the creator of the Pomodoro technique wants you to work with the clock, not against it. The Pomodoro technique doesn’t encourage brute force productivity for hours on end. Instead, the technique encourages productivity by creating 25-minute work sessions, separated by short breaks.

The Tomato Timer is an online version of the Pomodoro timer. It runs for 25-minute intervals. It allows you to time short and long breaks when 25 minutes are up. This method encourages intense focus on a goal without the distractions of multitasking. This tool doesn’t forbid you from distractions like email or your smartphone. It does encourage you to use your time in a focused fashion. Spend 25 minutes focused on blogging and use a five or ten-minute break to respond to messages.

SelfControl can help you stay focused on your law firm blog.

Tools like SelfControl can help attorneys who struggle to focus. SelfControl lets attorneys block access to websites, mail servers, or anything distracting on the web. SelfControl is user-friendly: Set a period of time that you want to avoid distractions, add the sites that distract you, and click “Start.”

However, this tool isn’t messing around. Once you click “Start,” you won’t be able to access any of the blacklisted sites until the timer runs out. Even if you restart your computer or delete SelfControl, you will not be able to regain access to those sites until the timer runs out.

At this time, SelfControl is for Mac users only. If you’re blocked from a website on your computer, you can still access it from your smartphone. A similar, phone-friendly version of SelfControl called Freedom exists for iPhones. If your phone is a distraction for you, you may want to this app.

For attorneys using Windows, Cold Turkey is a Windows-friendly alternative that offers a free “Basic” version.

Two tools that can help you catch law firm website content errors…

There are many tools available that help catch errors that tired eyes or tired minds may miss. Grammarly and Hemingway App are two I’ve used recently. I’ve reviewed Grammarly in the past: See “Grammarly For Attorneys”. Attorneys may find the Hemingway Editor useful, too. This tool works like a word processor and examines the readability of your piece by grade level. The easier your content is to read, the lower the grade level assigned to it. It also highlights the following problems:

  • Sentences that are hard to read
  • Sentences that are very hard to read
  • Phrases with simpler alternatives
  • Adverbs
  • Passive voice

Here’s an example of what the Hemingway Editor can do:

hemingway app for attorneys

The content you write must be accessible to your potential clients. Your potential clients come from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels. For many, the law can be complicated and intimidating, so it’s crucial that your potential clients can read and understand your content. Good content creates a bond before a potential client before has engaged your firm. Tools such as Grammarly and the Hemingway Editor can help ensure your content is digestible. While the Hemingway Editor isn’t perfect (and neither is Grammarly), these tools can help you do better editing.

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