Content marketing is the best way for your law firm to reach potential clients on the web. Search engines return to your website more often when you add new content to your law firm’s blog. They index your information and provide it to potential clients doing online research.

Writing for the web can be different than the sort of writing attorneys often do. That may trip up some attorneys who aren’t sure how to start blogging. It can frustrate attorneys who worry that their content isn’t resonating with potential clients.

But words are the tools of lawyers. But with a few adjustments, you can produce content on a regular basis that engages potential clients and referral sources.

Write down your blog post ideas often.

When you sit down to write a blog, do you find yourself struggling to come up with an idea to write about? Showing up to write without a plan for your law firm’s content can waste valuable time best spent on writing.

One way to avoid this problem is to keep a place where you store your law firm content marketing ideas. It can be a dedicated journal or online document, for example. Resist the urge to write down an idea “later,” as it may slip from your memory before you get a chance to record it. If you forget it, that’s one fewer valuable blog posts for your potential clients to read. Instead, write down the ideas as you have them. You may also want to try assigning a goal to yourself to write down five or ten new ideas daily.

This strategy can help attorneys use scheduled blogging time efficiently. It guarantees that you have a topic to write about. It can help you avoid writer’s block that can hamper law firm marketing efforts.

Develop law firm blog post outlines before you begin.

When you’re in your car, how often do you consult a map or GPS device? If you know where you’re going, you generally don’t need one. If you’re going somewhere unfamiliar, you’re likely to use a direction tool. A GPS gets you to your destination on time without getting lost or confused.

Blogging can be a similar experience. Even if you have an idea in mind when you go to write a blog, you may get stuck without a roadmap. If your potential clients get confused about where you’re going, they may lose interest.

For example, if you’re a DUI attorney, you may want to write about “5 Ways You Can Fail A Field Sobriety Test Without Being Drunk.”  How do you guide your readers through that topic to keep their interest?

One of the most important aspects of legal blogging is knowing how to engage your readership. Potential clients are unlikely to read your post if they find it confusing, disorganized or boring. A blog post outline lets you write a coherent piece that speaks to your potential clients. Consider including a headline (or a few attention-grabbing headline options). You’ll want to add the points you want to make (and how you’re going to make them), as well as a conclusion.

Writing blog outlines is valuable. A well-outlined blog guides your readers, but doesn’t bind you to writing each piece in order. You may want to write the body of your blog first, then your introduction, and then your conclusion. The order you write those sections isn’t important. Giving your potential clients an easy-to-read, guided tour through a legal topic is.

Potential clients feel more connected to you when your blog posts are easy to read and understand. You may become a resource as they explore answers to their questions and decide what they need to do next.

Blog outlines can reduce revisions and can cut the amount of time spent on topic presentation.

Becoming a better legal blogger starts with blogging often.

There’s no magic trick to writing great blogs. Amazing writers didn’t always start that way. They’re often writers who create a content plan and stick to it. Blogging consistency is key to becoming a better legal bloggerConsistency is also key to attract potential clients searching the web for answers.

A recent Hubspot study reveals companies who blog several times a week see higher ROI than companies who blog a few times per week or not at all.

Anecdotally, that’s what we often see at LawLytics, as well. Legal blogs become a trusted source of information for referral sources and potential clients. Whether they immediately realize they need legal representation, they are doing online research, first.

Search engines return more often to blogs that publish more often. The more often you blog, the more opportunities search engines have to index your pages. That gives potential clients more chances to see your posts when relevant queries arise.

Make it easy for the right potential clients to reach your law firm.

Web visitors have short attention spans. They may not read every word of your blog posts. But potential clients who skim your posts for answers may still find out more about what they should do next.

Don’t get bogged down in writing information that pleases a broad audience. Focus on your ideal potential clients, and write for them — not for the search engines.You can increase your law firm’s web presence by doing something simple: Give potential clients the information they need presented in a web-optimized format. By doing so, you can increase your law firm’s web presence, your authority as an expert in the field, and the confidence potential clients have in you.

LawLytics makes effective law firm marketing easy.

LawLytics takes the difficulty out of writing attention-grabbing legal blog posts. Add enhancements like pictures and videos with drag-and-drop ease. Easily create headers that help to organize your content for web visitors. LawLytics makes it as simple as possible for attorneys to publish content, edit and optimize for the web. Our websites and blogs are responsive. Your potential clients will have an optimal viewing experience regardless of what device they use to read your content.

The LawLytics law firm website system helps you, the law firm owner, predictably grow your business without wasting time or money. We safeguard attorneys from risky web practices while providing them with the tools and support to create a high-quality web presence that attracts potential clients and generates revenue.

Unlike overpriced legal marketing companies, we protect lawyers from overspending or buying things they don’t need. Unlike low-end software, our innovative system was built for lawyers, so our members don’t struggle and miss opportunities.

If you’re ready to start blogging, want to learn how to write better blogs, or need content for your law firm website, we’re ready to take your law firm marketing to new heights. Contact LawLytics today to schedule our call.