5 Common Questions Attorneys Have About Law Firm Marketing

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Marketing

Attorneys often have many questions about online marketing and how to do successful law firm marketing on the web. These are some of the most common questions we hear from attorneys who want to improve their law firm’s online marketing.

1. How can my law firm get to the top of Google?

While it is possible for your website to rank well for particular search terms and phrases, you can’t get to the “top of Google” because it doesn’t exist.

There is no static place called the “top of Google.” Google results will vary depending on the search terms someone uses, the user’s location, and even when they search, among other factors.

To learn more about the reasons why the “top of Google” doesn’t exist, see our blog posts:

2. Do I need to buy PPC ads to do successful online marketing for my law firm?

Pay-per-click ads are not a necessary component of successful online marketing for law firms, and dependence on PPC ads can create a number of problems for attorneys.

It’s important that attorneys are in control of their law firm’s online marketing. Dependence on disposable advertising, such as pay-per-click ads, does not put attorneys in control. While pay-per-click can be a supplement in some cases, it does not build long term value for law firms. It is an expense, rather than an investment.

PPC advertising can be quite expensive. Some law firm PPC keywords can cost hundreds of dollars per click. And once someone clicks on a PPC ad, that money is spent, regardless of who clicked on the ad and whether that translates into new business for your law firm.

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Attorneys who are dependent on PPC to drive business to their firms are likely to spend more and more each year in an attempt to engage the same number of clients.

To learn more about whether PPC is a good choice for your law firm, see our post, “Is Your Law Firm Hooked On PPC?” or view our PPC For Lawyers webinar.

3. Should I blog and, if so, how often?

Regular blogging is an effective marketing strategy for law firms. A law firm blog can improve your visibility in search engine results, help to establish your subject matter expertise, and encourage potential clients to view your law firm as a trusted resource.

Blogging is usually most effective when it is frequent. It is unlikely that you will be successful by blogging just once a month. By creating a steady stream of high-quality relevant content, you create more opportunities for search engines to return your pages for relevant queries and for potential clients to engage with your content.

To learn more about how to make blogging work for your law firm, see our post, “4 Tips For A Law Firm Blogging Strategy That Works.”

4. How long should law firm blog posts be?

There is no “ideal” word count for a law firm blog post (and the same is true for evergreen pages on your law firm’s website.).

A blog post should be as long as it needs to be to clearly and accurately convey information, and provide sufficient value to the person reading it. As you write your blog posts (or evergreen pages), ask yourself:

  • Could a potential client with no previous knowledge of the subject have a better understanding of the topic after reading this piece?
  • Am I providing important information and details in a clear fashion?
  • Does this information provide valuable information to my potential clients?

5. Does my law firm need to be on social media?

It can be helpful to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms are likely to appear in potential clients’ search results when they look for information about your law firm.

By maintaining a presence on these platforms, you can deliver a consistent message about your law firm across multiple platforms that your potential clients are likely to interact with.

Social media can also be a good way to promote your law firm website and blog content and to engage in conversation and discussions related to your practice.

However, social media shouldn’t be a major focus of your law firm’s online marketing efforts. It should be supplemental to your core marketing activity: creating in-depth content that is relevant to your potential clients and referral sources. Social media should be used to promote your law firm’s content and drive traffic back to your law firm’s website, and shouldn’t require a lot of effort to keep up with. Conveniently, there are tools that can help you post content to relevant social media in just a few clicks.

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