With the meteoric rise in the use of digital assistants and voice search, the digital marketing world is abuzz about how voice may disrupt digital marketing as we know it. That disruption may be even bigger than the one associated with the invention of smartphones.

The growth in sales of digital assistants is faster even than that of smartphone sales were following their release. Today, more than 47 million Americans have access to a digital assistant in their home and, by 2020, ComScore estimates that half of all searches will be performed using voice as the preferred medium.

In an increasingly digital and voice-focused world, it is important to make sure that your law firm is prepared for the changes on the horizon. This is why we are excited to announce the addition of Amazon’s Alexa to the LawLytics Listings network of third-party listing services.

Now, by simply updating your law firm’s information one time with our Listings service, you can be sure that the information your potential clients discover about you online is accurate and up to date — not just on your own website, but across the more than 60 directories across the network of available sites. Those directories include trusted sites such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Bing, and now, Amazon’s Alexa.

Not only is it helpful to your potential clients to receive accurate information about your firm no matter where they look, it’s also helpful for you law firm’s SEO and its ability to appear for local search results in the geographic region(s) where you practice. Search engines like Google crosscheck the data they find about your business on sites and directories across the web and use that information to determine how trustworthy the available information about your firm really is.

For this reason, managing your law firm’s online listings is the best way to provide your law firm with a boost when it comes to local search results.

It is possible to manage these listings manually, but seeking out each directory online that contains pre-loaded information about your firm is time-consuming and tedious work. With LawLytics Listings, it’s as simple as updating your information in our system once in order to start seeing results across dozens of the web’s most popular and well-trafficked directories.

With the addition of Alexa to the Listings network, firms that manage their digital knowledge with LawLytics Listings are now one step further in the process of optimizing their firms for voice search by ensuring that their law firm’s information stays accurate and up to date on one of the world’s most popular voice-enabled assistants.

If you are not sure how your firm’s information appears online or whether that information is already optimized for local search results, there are two ways to contact us and get a free scan that will tell you the health of your law firm’s internet listings. If you’re already a LawLytics member, contact our support department to get started. If you’re not yet a LawLytics member, schedule a consultation and be sure to specify in the notes that you’re interested in getting a listings scan.