Some attorneys expect instant payoffs for their content marketing efforts, which leads many to give up on the process before they’ve given their sites the chance to see results. [5-minute read]

Many attorneys expect that their content marketing efforts should begin having an effect on their law firm website’s SEO as soon as they begin posting content.

But it takes time for your law firm website to gain traction in organic search results as a result of your content marketing efforts. This leads some attorneys to give up on the process of adding quality content to their sites long before they begin seeing returns for their efforts.

Law Firm Content Marketing Requires Patience and Practice

It takes time for your content to gain authority with search engines and search engine users.

The more value that users get from your post, the more they will be inclined to share and link to that content, and the more authority it will likely gain over time. It’s because of this that the most prolific content marketers (meaning those that add content to their sites multiple times per week) generally see the highest returns for their efforts.

Attorneys are busy running their practices, practicing the law, and generally living their lives and some struggle to keep up with the content marketing practices that will eventually provide a payoff for their law firms. When attorneys get frustrated by the time commitment required, some attorneys begin to think that content marketing can’t work for them — long before their content has the chance to gain the authority required to build a solid reputation with search engines and search engine users.

Law Firm Content Marketing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

We’ve heard similar success stories from our attorney members who follow the LawLytics playbook to market their law firms online.

Idaho-based criminal defense attorney William Young says he launched his site as a barebones structure almost immediately after starting his solo practice in late June of 2017. Since he was newly licensed to practice, Young had to focus on building a caseload that could sustain his law practice over the long term, so he dedicated the majority of his attention to adding content to his site by blogging regularly and fleshing out his site’s practice area pages.

After dedicating a solid four months to content marketing, Young says that his site saw a noticeable spike in traffic and that it came all at once. His caseload quickly doubled and, by November of that year, he was at a point where he actually had to start turning away clients because his caseload was completely full.

Similarly, Florida-based bankruptcy attorney Alex McClure says he adds content to his site multiple times per week and, after several months of work building up his site’s archive of content, about 80 percent of his clients now find him through organic search results.

Atlanta DUI attorney Richard Lawson had a similar experience when saw a single LawLytics site outperform ten other sites he owned as a result of dedicating about 12 hours a week to content marketing between 2012 and 2016. This led him to migrate all of his sites to the LawLytics platform.

The Right Law Firm Content Strategy + Time = Results

We’ve said it before and it bears repeating — content marketing for your law firm website is a long-term marketing strategy; not a short-term campaign.

It takes time to gain organic online visibility. But content marketing works for attorneys, so long as they’re executing the right content strategy and they’re able to hang in long enough to see the result of their efforts.

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