In an unusual move, Google pre-announced a broad core search algorithm update which took place on June 3.

On June 2, Google tweeted:

The announcement is out of the ordinary for the search engine giant, which historically completes a number of unannounced algorithm updates per year.

However, according to SearchEngineLand’s Barry Schwartz, “Google said the community has been asking Google to be more proactive when it comes to these changes.” According to Google search liaison Danny Sullivan, Google is being proactive about notifying site owners and SEOs so people aren’t left “scratching their heads after-the-fact.”

What does the June 3, 2019 Google algorithm mean for attorneys?

Google often makes small adjustments to its algorithm in an effort to improve search results. Google also makes broad, extensive algorithm updates. Google won’t often confirm if it’s made a broad search algorithm update, but it did in this case — and even pre-announced it.

Even when an announcement is made in advance, it may cause some to panic. However, at LawLytics, we love it when these updates are rolled out: when law firms follow our methodology and use our system, they typically see across-the-board gains.

If you’ve been staying on the right side of Google’s guidelines and you’re focused on high-quality content creation for your law firm’s website, you’re on the right track. Google rewards sites that create high-quality content, which is especially important for law firm websites. While there’s no word on what this algorithm update changed, it stands to reason that Google is still looking to reward highly relevant, quality content with better placement in search results.

When it comes to advice from Google after a broad update like this one, historically the search engine says that the main focus of webmasters should be continuing to create high-quality content, and that the changes to its systems are “benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded.”