Content is still king when it comes to the visibility of your law firm website on search engine results pages (SERPs).

In fact, companies that blog (or add content to their sites) eleven or more times per month generate almost three times the traffic of those that blog one time or less per month.

Content marketing also generates three times more leads than paid search advertising. And attorneys that are able to attract traffic to their sites by qualified potential clients have more chances to convert website visitors to actual law firm clients than those that attract general traffic simply for the sake of increasing their websites’ vanity metrics.

Content Marketing Is White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When attorneys do the research necessary to learn what it takes to improve the online visibility of their law firm websites, they usually discover that the most effective way to be found by potential clients is to provide high-quality content on their sites that answer specific questions that potential clients are likely to ask of search engines.

Still, attorneys may not know how to write law firm website content that appeals to their potential clients, how to optimize that content for the web, or how long it can take for content marketing efforts to start generating traffic and leads for their law firms.

The long and short of it is this — content marketing is a long-term online marketing strategy, not a quick fix solution for online visibility. It takes insight, effort, and time to establish authority with search engines and search engine users, and to create unique, quality content that proves valuable to potential clients.

But, once your law firm website content begins to gain traction on SERPs and your firm starts to establish itself as a reliable source of information about your practice area(s) in the geographic region(s) where you practice, your law firm website then becomes an appreciating asset. From that point on, not only will your site gain value over time, but it will also begin to attract a growing number of potential clients as you continue your content marketing efforts and build up your law firm website’s archive of quality content.

Avoid Common Content Marketing Mistakes and Become a Legal Thought Leader

Our newest blog series will tackle some of the mistakes attorneys commonly make — as well as misconceptions they often have — when they undertake a content-based marketing strategy on their law firm websites.

Beginning next week, every Friday through the end of September we’ll take an in-depth look at one such mistake and/or misconception on our blog and discuss ways to avoid it. Further, every Wednesday we’ll offer some tips and tricks on how to make a great content plan for your site and keep up with writing quality content to achieve the goals of your law firm’s content marketing strategy. Check back each week (or return to this post for links to the new pieces as they’re published) to learn how to set your law firm website up for long-term content marketing success.

By starting off on the right foot with your law firm’s content marketing efforts, you can avoid wasting your time writing content that won’t move the needle for your firm and skip the frustration associated with trial-by-fire methodologies.

Attract more traffic — and not just any traffic, but traffic by the individuals most likely to become potential clients — and generate more leads by executing a content marketing strategy that will work to build your law firm’s business. Get started with a little bit of guidance from the latest blog series from LawLytics.

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