Traditional advertising isn’t effective anymore.

One in three people in the US will seek legal counsel in their lifetime. Three out of every four potential clients of US law firms will use online resources to find their attorney. Hiring a lawyer is a major purchase, and it often times involves much anxiety. The consequences of a poor choice can be life-altering. Potential clients agonize over the decision, and then usually, ultimately, make an emotional decision despite their best efforts at research and objectivity. Sometimes their emotions misguide them based on information overload and the gravity of their legal problem. Because they are overwhelmed, even though they start their search methodically, they often times end up making a final decision by the equivalent of closing their eyes and pointing.

Most lawyers have the same disadvantage when it comes to their online marketing.

As mysterious as the process of hiring a lawyer is for laymen, the internet is equally daunting for the average owner of a law firm. Online legal marketing evolved out of the chaos of attorney advertising, which, relatively speaking, is also still in its infancy. The early days of online legal marketing were messy, scary, and unscientific. For many lawyers, the internet and getting clients through a law firm website are still mysterious. This fact has not gone unnoticed by some large and greedy legal marketing companies who prey on lawyers’ lack of time to understand how it works. And, as a busy practicing lawyer, if you don’t know much about online marketing or building a good website, learning can seem overwhelming and time-consuming.

The wrong information about online legal marketing, from the wrong sources, can be both nerve-wracking and dangerous.

“I wake up in the morning in fear of what Google has done in the middle of the night,” said one attorney.

This fear, instilled by misinformation and reliance on marketing companies that sell services that push the edge of Google’s guidelines, is damaging. It adds needless stress. And it often leads to poor decisions by attorneys made in a reactive state of worry about their business, their competition, and their future. This benefits unscrupulous legal marketing companies who prey on attorneys’ emotions and good nature (yes, we love attorneys here and believe that most attorneys are great people).

Search engine algorithm updates, the cost of pay-per-click, wondering who’s outspending you, knowing everything about SEO and applying it correctly to your law firm’s website — it’s an endless cycle of worries. These things keep attorneys in survival mode, back on their heels, when they really should be leaning in with a systematic approach to their marketing.

LawLytics is the leading website marketing system for owners of law firms that helps them grow their practices without wasting time or money. Unlike with greedy and overpriced legal marketing companies, our average member gets the same or better results at a fraction of the cost. And unlike bargain do-it-yourself website software, the LawLytics website marketing system is built so that lawyers don’t waste time on technical or repetitive tasks.

We are here to empower attorneys in their marketing by delivering astonishing value that allows them to grow their businesses without proportionally growing their marketing overhead. Our customers (who we refer to as members) see us as a key partner in their firm’s business generation.

This article is about why we believe attorneys need to be in control of their marketing, and about the dangers to those who are not.

Why The Extreme Ends Of Law Firm Marketing Take Control Away From Attorneys

Attorneys who take the DIY approach to their law firm website and marketing by using cheap website building software often discover that they are exhausting themselves, spinning their wheels and wasting valuable time and energy. It’s one reason that so many attorneys turn to big and expensive legal marketing companies to handle their web presence them.

Unfortunately, what many attorneys discover is that by ceding their control to an expensive legal marketing company, they create another set of headache-inducing issues with nothing to show for all the worrying they’ve done and the money they’ve spent. They may spend their money on marketing tactics that can’t possibly produce results because these are strategies that neither attorneys nor legal marketing companies have control over.

What, then, should attorneys do?

Where is the middle ground between:

a) Struggling with a cheap DIY system that wastes your time and doesn’t get results; and

b) Blindly trusting an expensive legal marketing company in hopes that they will produce results?

The answer to that lies in understanding what you control, what you can’t, and focusing on the area where you have legitimate influence.

In Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Covey makes a powerful argument for this idea. Covey presents a set of concentric circles. The larger circle he describes as the “Circle of Concern,” the area that houses the things one cannot control: The weather, the economy, politics, what other people think about you. Within that circle lies the “Circle of Influence,” or the area where you can influence what happens: Where you live, what you eat, the job you choose.

This idea can be applied to the worries that attorneys often have about their marketing. I made a quick doodle to explain:


How Can Attorneys Control Their Law Firm Marketing?

The extreme ends of law firm marketing lie on the “Circle of Control” side. Whether attorneys are spending their energy on low-end website builders or software that are inefficient for the needs of law firm marketing, or spending thousands with legal marketing companies that take control away from lawyers, they end up worrying about lots of things they can’t control. It’s a poor use of their time, money, and energy that translates into a lot of worry and struggle for their business.

Worrying about things you can’t control doesn’t do anything productive to move your law firm’s business forward. You can’t control your marketing if you’re using software that’s not up to the task, no matter how much time and energy you put in; you’ll worry about your design skills and topics like SEO, which can distract you from the importance of your practice. You can’t control your marketing if you pay someone else to take that control away from you; if you go that route, you’ll be worried when they inform you that Google has changed an algorithm and you’ve lost your rankings (which is always based on previous bad practices that you paid somebody to implement); you’ll be worried when someone outbids you on a term.

Quick Sidebar:

Question: What do you call it when two competing law firms are using the same legal marketing company to bid on the same terms?

Answer: An unconscionable conflict of interest.

Here’s what you can control: You’re in control of what system you use to market your firm. You’re in control of how much you spend on your marketing and who you give that money to. You’re in control of how you market, whether that’s engaging in costly, competitive, low-ROI PPC, or turning your efforts toward cost-effective content creation that attracts new clients. You’re in control of how many blog posts you publish. You’re in control of the substantive content you write. You are in control of your ambition and your thought leadership. The things that you control are the things that have a real effect on your law firm’s marketing. Unfortunately, most legal marketing companies ask lawyers to check all of these things at the door. We see things differently.

Why Attorneys Should Be In Control Of Their Legal Marketing

Fortunately for you, but ultimately the death-knell for our overpriced competitors, all of the things that you can control about your law firm’s marketing are the things that build successful law firms in the internet era. So, before someone tells you that there’s something in your law firm’s marketing that you need to be worried about, ask yourself if it’s something that’s actually within your control.

At LawLytics, we want you to focus on the things that actually drive your business forward, and that create lasting and cost-efficient marketing assets that you own and control. The old model of disempowering attorneys to take advantage of their perceived need to spend money on marketing is not working for our competitors because it was a doomed (but temporarily lucrative model) from the beginning.

The technology has caught up to the original ambition of the search engines, and thought-leadership has once again been democratized. The good news is that for $200 per month, our members are beating the heck out of lawyers who are spending 20x that with other vendors. But it takes a mind shift. As an owner of a law firm, you need to want to be in control of your marketing. You need to want to be free of your marketing captors. You need to want to reclaim the mantle of the lawyer and business owner you probably set out to be before the unnecessary complexity and intentional obfuscation of the internet (by greedy marketers) changed the game.

At LawLytics, we save attorneys from losing standing, from spending money they don’t have to, from strategies that don’t work, and from the commoditization of lawyers by non-legal companies.

We empower you by providing an outstanding system that meets your needs and puts you in control while delivering extraordinary value. The result is a better business through our website marketing system that gives you predictable growth with efficient techniques for a fraction of the cost of other legal marketing companies.

No matter where you are on the legal marketing spectrum, if you’re ready to talk about how you can do better legal marketing, we’re here to help. Schedule a call with us to see how we can improve your legal marketing and put you, the attorney, back in control.