Effective Directory Strategies For Law Firms

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Marketing

Directory listings can take up a lot of your time if you’re not careful.

There are so many listings to choose from and filling out profiles on each one can be time consuming. Here are strategies that can help attorneys select the most worthwhile listings and use their time wisely to get the best results.

Consider what makes a legal directory valuable.

Before joining a legal directory, attorneys should ask themselves whether the directory has any value.

Does it give you a unique advantage that you couldn’t get elsewhere?

Are you the only person benefitting from your contributions to this directory?

If it’s a directory that you have to pay for, what are your marketing dollars really supporting?

Asking yourself these kinds of questions in advance can save you from wasting your time or money on directories that either don’t benefit you, or have a negative effect on your business.

To learn more, read our blog, 5 Questions To Ask Before Joining A Legal Directory.

How does this directory benefit your potential clients?

To be effective, you should choose directories that benefit both you and your potential clients.

Determine whether this directory provides value to its visitors. Can you tell if people are actually using this directory? How popular is it? How likely is it that a potential client is going to find you on this directory?

For example, if you were to choose between something like Yelp and a more obscure legal directory, Yelp is likely the better choice to start with. Millions of people visit Yelp monthly, and it’s very popular. The likelihood of being found on this directory is quite high.

Attorneys should start with popular directories, first.

There are many directories to choose from. But, claiming your profile for every single one isn’t a good use of your time or energy. It’s not a good strategy for your web presence, either.

We recommend that attorneys claim their profiles on places such as Google, Yelp, and Avvo first, before they spend time on other smaller or more obscure directories. Your potential clients aren’t necessarily looking at all of the smaller directories. But, there’s a good chance they may come across more prominent directories in places like search results. They may even use these directories on a regular basis.

For example, Yelp is important for mobile users, particularly in larger, tech-savvy cities such as San Francisco. Many people there regularly use the Yelp app. People tend to look up businesses (law firms included) on Yelp before decisions get made.

Build up directory profiles with reputation management tools.

It can be a good idea to claim your profiles on places like Google, Yelp, and Avvo, and populate them with useful information about you and your firm.

Build up those resources over time with reviews from happy clients, too. Your future clients will look to these reviews to make decisions about whether to hire you. Reputation management is growing in its importance. Many people now trust online reviews as much as they trust reviews from a friend or family member.

The good news is this. The process of managing, displaying and getting reviews doesn’t have to be complicated.

Use good reputation management tools for your law firm.

The LawLytics system has a built-in recommendations engine that allows you to add reviews to your law firm website easily. It also creates an index that lets potential clients see reviews that are most relevant to them. You’re given complete control over which reviews are displayed.

These recommendations are an important part of your website, but they don’t reach beyond your website, like what potential clients might find on directories such as Google, Yelp and Avvo.

Tools like Birdeye can make the process of effective reputation management easy for attorneys.

How BirdEye works for attorneys

BirdEye does three valuable things to help busy attorneys stay on top of what gets seen about them online:

  • Reviews Management. BirdEye monitors reviews from all the top review sites so you’ll know when a new review has been written about you.
  • Positive Review Distribution. It helps you display your best reviews in ways that get you noticed and reinforces the positive narrative about your firm and your work.
  • Get New Reviews. BirdEye helps you get more reviews with less risk and without cutting into your productivity.

If you’re interested in BirdEye, LawLytics offers this tool to both our members and non-members. You can learn more about reputation management, BirdEye, and how it can simplify the reviews process for your law firm by watching this webinar:

Introducing: Reputation Management For Law Firms

Think about the smaller directories when you have time.

Once you’ve taken the time to fill out profiles on the larger directories where you’re more likely to be found and you’ve built up your profiles with client reviews, then it may be the right time to start thinking about smaller directories.

However, don’t let this process get in the way of building up the resources on things that you own and control, like your law firm website and blog. If you get distracted by things like directory listings rather than building up the substantive content on your website, you may dilute your web presence unnecessarily, and you’ll be investing your time in strategies that don’t move the needle for your law firm.

Let LawLytics simplify your law firm’s online marketing.

At LawLytics, we’re obsessed with the pursuit of the most efficient method of marketing for each law firm. LawLytics is designed to empower law firms to take control of their online marketing, and to have unlimited marketing success without wasting time or money.

LawLytics offers a more practical marketing solution for lawyers. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your law firm succeed online, call us at 800-713-0161 or schedule our call.

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