As a kid, I delivered newspapers in my neighborhood and was proud to have my own business in sixth grade. Grownups told me they subscribed because I was reliable and paid for the windows I broke.

I quizzed business owners about what they did to succeed. One thing I heard was “don’t give away the store,” meaning don’t give away for free something that I had spent hours working on. Being I kid, I believed everything I heard. 

But then I noticed that to get new customers, I had to give a few papers away. I discovered that offering samples was an effective way to attract new business, which was called a “start.” This kept up until I earned a “10 Start Club” pin from the publisher.

What clients want

Today, people get their news on social media and consumers find lawyers on websites. But people still want a free download before they can know, like and trust an attorney.

Informative blog posts and practical content are what potential clients want these days. By posting original content, lawyers can also demonstrate their expertise and benefit from observing Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Yet, publishing information online comes hard to many attorneys. Most lawyers work long days and come in Saturday morning to get prepared for the week ahead. It’s hard to invest time in writing a blog post and hard to figure what to blog about.

The answer is simply answering the kind of questions that clients ask you when they are sitting across your desk. Take a moment and reflect on the typical queries you hear all the time. Write down five of them. Come up with plain-English, common-sense answers that are helpful to ordinary consumers. Login to your LawLytics blog, compose your post and click the green Publish button.

What is the downside? Will you be putting yourself out of business? Will people just print out what you wrote and start acting pro se?

Not likely.

People will always need an advocate to represent them. Parents will always want a reliable attorney if their children are wrongfully injured in a crash. Young people will always seek a sympathetic counselor on what’s best for their elderly mom and dad.

By writing helpful blog posts that answer client questions, attorneys can demonstrate empathy and give consumers confidence that they made the right choice.

Take it from a one-time newspaper boy. You’re not giving away the store. You are building your practice by helping people, one page view at a time.