From using misleading doorway pages, to paying for links, to stuffing hidden pages on their sites with low-quality content and trafficking in fake reviews, even big name companies have felt the wrath of Google’s Manual Action Penalties for stepping outside of the search engine’s Webmaster Guidelines.

In fact, Google has even slapped itself with rankings penalties for violating its own guidelines at multiple points in the past.

If you choose to dabble in “black hat” SEO practices (or engage in them without realizing that’s what you’re doing), and even if those tactics work to improve your site’s online visibility for a short time, it’s likely that you’ll eventually be caught, and your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) will likely suffer for the transgression.

It can be difficult to pull your site up in the rankings after being hit with a penalty from Google, but it is possible to do so.

In the third and final release of our “Summer of SEO” series of eBooks, we offer a look at eleven high-profile Google penalties by laying out the guideline violated by each company, the specific consequence those companies faced for failing to play by the rules, as well as the ultimate outcome of each penalty, including how it was eventually overcome (if it was overcome).

After looking at those high-profile penalties in our new free eBook, “Playing the SEO Game to Win: All In on a Losing Hand,” we’ll show you the ways that your law firm can avoid landing itself with a penalty, as well as how to pull your law firm website up from such a penalty should it ever receive one.

Watch for that title to be released tomorrow, Thursday, August 16.

If you missed the first two titles in that series, you can still download them using the links provided below and get caught up just in time for our next release:

Come back tomorrow for your free copy of “Playing the SEO Game to Win: All In on a Losing Hand” and learn the right way — and the wrong way — to handle your law firm’s SEO efforts, because your firm’s online visibility isn’t something you’ll want to gamble with.