As the owner of a law firm, I bet you’ve addressed the topic of retirement savings, 401k plans, profit sharing plans and other investment vehicles that you can provide for yourself and your staff. Thriving at work can not be separated from thriving in one’s personal life. People want the chance to invest in themselves and their futures. And that’s why your law firm probably has some sort of retirement benefits plan in place.

You will notice that, when given the opportunity, any employee who has the opportunity to save from pre-tax dollars usually will. Even if it’s just a small amount of each paycheck. People feel good about investing in their futures.

I like to think of website and blog content like a 401k plan. When I write the content myself, all it takes is the act of transferring thoughts that I already have anyways into written form. This post, for example, will take me less than 15 minutes to write. And it will help build my business, because lawyers will read it, and they will click here and schedule a consultation to find out how they can grow their law firm with LawLytics. Most who schedule the appointment will become LawLytics customers, and many will form relationships with us that will last for the remainder of their legal careers.

The 15 minutes that it takes me to publish this post is time that I could spend doing other things. But I am writing it because I have useful information to share, and also because this post will continue to generate new interest in LawLytics for months and even years to come. Like a 401k, it has a compounding interest effect over time. An attorney will read this, make an appointment, become a customer, and refer other customers to us.

Content compounds like that for your law firm as well.

And if you write it well, it’s much more efficient and longer lasting than any CLE you might present at, any networking meeting you might attend, and leaves all other forms of marketing and advertising in the dust in terms of ROI.

The bottom line is that if you are not regularly creating quality content for your law firm’s website or blog, you are missing out on the compounding effect.

Action Item: Resolve to write at least one blog post a week. It’s a small investment in your firm’s future.

LawLytics Members: If you need help getting started writing content, please call us and we are happy to help you with strategy and logistics, and even help you write it.

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