For many attorneys, finding the resources and tools that enable them to run their businesses efficiently is a continuing struggle. With so many options and little time to research and investigate, it’s difficult to determine what applications and software are the best fit for your firm.

LawLytics is proud to announce that it is now a participant of ABA Blueprint. ABA Blueprint is a new online resource designed to help you run a more modern, efficient law firm by finding the right solutions and educational resources to make running your business as simple and painless as possible. You have access to the ABA Resource Center, live consulting, and an innovative practice assessment designed to help you determine where you need to focus your business efforts.

“We see ABA Blueprint as a great resource for helping attorneys gain access to tools to grow and run their practices more efficiently,” says Attorney Dan Jaffe, CEO of LawLytics. “As a provider of technology that empowers lawyers to understand and control their online legal marketing, we’re excited to partner with ABA Blueprint and we support its use of technology and its mission of empowering lawyers.”

ABA members are now eligible for a special discount when they sign up for LawLytics. To learn more about how LawLytics can help your firm grow, schedule an intro call today.