The latest edition of ABA’s Law Practice Magazine features a piece by LawLytics’ Senior Legal Marketing Strategist Larry Bodine.

In his article, “Law Firm Networks Compete With the Biggest Players,” Bodine explains how legal networks allow independent firms to act as a unified group for better client service.

“Law firm networks have been growing steadily since 1980 when the first network, the American Law Firm Association (now ALFA International), was formed,” he writes. “Today, the 20 largest legal networks comprise 250,000 attorneys in every country on earth, as compared with the 55,000 lawyers who compose the 20 largest law firms.”

Bodine notes that there are many reasons to join a legal network — one of the most important being to get referrals from other law firms.

“Being part of a network allows members to create a joint venture team or collaborate in the representation of large, complex international transactions,” he writes.

See Bodine’s article in full here.