This post is part of series that examines software programs that attorneys can use to manage various aspects of their practice.

Today, we’re looking at Lexicata.

This post ends with our strong recommendation that attorneys use Lexicata and integrate it with LawLytics to make the client acquisition process easy, reliable, and transparent.

Lexicata is a cloud-based client intake and client relationship management system (CRM). Its software is designed specifically for attorneys to simplify the client intake process.

Lexicata makes your practice and life easier in 2 ways:

  1. It streamlines your intake process by helping you close leads and turn them into clients;
  2. It adds transparency and order to your marketing and client acquisition efforts.

Keeping in touch with clients and leads is difficult. Fortunately, there are tools that can help. Spreadsheets and paper-based practice management are inadequate at scale. As your contact list grows, these primitive and non-specific tools degrade. Lexicata automates and simplifies the client communication process with reliable, automated features that will help maximize your law firm’s efficiency.

Let’s take a look at some of Lexicata’s powerful features:

Online Client Intake Forms

Lexicata’s Intake Form Builder streamlines the intake process.

It simplifies form creation. You can customize intake forms, or use Lexicata’s auto-generated forms. Customizing them is as easy as clicking and dragging content from the sidebar into the form builder. Questions within the form are also customizable, and you can add new questions with a single click.

New fields can be added to the form, such as single-line text, paragraph text, multiple choice boxes, or single questions. The form can be robust or simple to fit your needs.

You can upload your law firm’s logos and branding to create a professional look that matches your letterhead and branding. Having your firm’s logo on these clean, professional forms not only personalizes the client’s experience, but strengthens your clients’ first impressions of your practice.

Branding your intake forms is important to the client’s perception of your firm, especially if they are completing a form prior to visiting your office. Your website, and then your forms, will often make the first impression on your clients. A potential client is more likely to feel confident in a law firm that is well-furnished and orderly than in an office fixed up with folding chairs and plastic tables. The same is true of your digital presentation. Fortunately, Lexicata helps make that easy and achievable.

You can customize the information you store about your clients in Lexicata, and ask clients to fill out forms which will automatically populate that information for you. This eliminates scrivener’s errors and the efforts and costs associated with data entry.

If your client fails to complete all or parts of an intake form, Lexicata can automatically remind them for you, saving you the time and effort of following up. After you’ve scheduled the reminder (i.e., 1 hour before the due-date), the software automatically sends a pre-populated email to the client, reminding them to complete the form.

Lexicata makes it convenient for your clients to complete your forms from anywhere. All forms are mobile compatible so they can complete them from any device.

How Lexicata makes your law firm look great

Lexicata makes the client’s experience seamless and simple. Your clients and potential clients look to you to simplify their legal issues. Lexicata’s client experience features help reinforce their good feelings about you by not getting in the way. Lexicata enhances your clients’ experience of your firm with the following:

  • E-signing  – Your clients can sign your intake documents from anywhere. They can draw their signature or upload an image of their signature. This make it easy for your to get client engagement letters and retainer agreements signed rapidly when your potential client is in a “buying mood.”
  • Easy document automation – Lexicata provides an online document editor, where you can create re-usable fee agreements and send them to your clients instantly. You can automate and customize any document through the document editor in just a few clicks.
  • Mobile-friendly software – Lexicata is fully compatible with smartphones. Clients can fill-out forms, e-sign documents with their finger, and submit them, therefore mobilizing the client’s intake process.
  • Automatic email reminders – Beyond the automatic form reminders mentioned above, Lexicata can schedule automatic email reminders to make it easy for you to stay engaged with your clients and keep the intake process moving toward retention.

How Lexicata makes your intake process easier

As we discussed in this series’ intro, client relationship management, or CRM for short, provides a central location for all prospect, client, and general contact information. Lexicata is the best CRM for lawyers to address the client intake process. It organizes and tracks your intakes with the following features.

Contact Tagging

Contact tagging allows you or anyone in your firm to label and categorize your contacts. This makes your contacts easily searchable in the future. You can add multiple tags so you can drill down and find the information you need. For example, you can “tag” a single contact with tags such as “accountant,” “referral,”  “prospect,” and use location-specific tags such as “Dallas.” Once tagged, you could later use Lexicata’s search bar and find all potential clients who are accountants in Dallas.

Lexicata's Contact Tagging Feature LawLytics

Lead Source Tracking

Within Lexicata’s dashboard, there is a “Reports” tab. The “Reports” tab provides insight into the quantity and quality of your leads, along with other relevant data aligned to your firm’s practice area(s). This data includes the number of potential clients you’ve converted into paying clients, the number of leads in your pipeline, the total projected value of the matters in your pipeline, and source details for your leads. This gives you insight that can help improve your marketing efforts and increase your conversion rate. When combined with LawLytics, this provides a powerful one-two marketing punch.

Notes, Tasks, & Reminders

Lexicata makes it easy for you to enter and store your intake notes, and set to-dos and reminders to make sure that nothing is missed. This also provides transparency into the intake process, making it easy to keep multiple firm members in the loop and working together to get the business. These notes can later be synced to your Clio account. If you use the LawLytics-Lexicata integration, your clients’ form notes from LawLytics can also be automatically populated into Lexicata.

Email & Calendar Integration

Lexicata gives you the option to connect your email and your calendar. Lexicata provides integration with Google, Outlook, and through other providers using the imap protocol. Lexicata also provides MailChimp integration, so firms that use MailChimp can send their newsletters and other marketing email to Lexicata contacts without the need to manually transfer contact information into MailChimp.

Once email is connected to the software, Lexicata automatically tracks your outbound and inbound emails. When your calendar is integrated, it will synchronize your appointments as well.

How Lexicata makes your law firm’s client intake process transparent

When implemented and adopted by your firm’s staff, Lexicata will the streamline your firm’s intake, making it less labor intensive and more cost efficient.

Lexicata enables you to see your client intake workflow from a bird’s eye view. You can see where each of your clients are in the intake process, and whether they have retained you. As the client moves through the process, you’ll always know their status.

Lexicata's Matter Management LawLytics

You can customize your intake process.  You can curate digital collateral to provide to clients the things they need, including intake documents, files, and emails. It clearly arranges the next steps for you and the client. You can build templates to keep your processes organized and on task.

Lexicata lets you customize the status of a client in the intake process. You can select color-coded options such as “Scheduled,” “Pending,” “Complete,” or “Not Prepared.” Tracking your workflow status allows you to know exactly what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done.

Lexicata lets you see upcoming actions such as scheduled emails, appointments, and signature requests, so you’ll always know what’s coming up.

How Lexicata makes your client communication easy, and helps you start the attorney-client relationship on the right foot

Following up with potential clients is easy when you use Lexicata. After pre-populating email templates, you can send follow-up emails with a few clicks. Simply select your recipient, choose the email, and Lexicata will create and send a personalized email for you in seconds.

Why we recommend that all small law firms use Lexicata

We love Lexicata because it helps our LawLytics members close the leads they get using LawLytics at a much higher rate. We see the perfect law firm management technology stack as follows:

  1. LawLytics – To handle the attraction of potential clients in a cost effective and sustainable way that lets your firm grow its revenue without proportionally growing its marketing overhead.
  2. Lexicata – To make it easy to track and close the leads that you get through LawLytics and make a great first impression.
  3. Clio – To make it easy to manage the full life-cycle of your clients and client matters from a single place while saving time and maintaining ethical data retention and security practices.

Lexicata and Clio are mutual integration partners of LawLytics. This means the client data that originates in LawLytics can be sent to Lexicata and then on to Clio, streamlining your firm’s entire client life-cycle, and safeguarding against data corruption that comes with manual entry or copying and pasting. We’re very biased when we say that every attorney who is not using Lexicata should consider doing so immediately.

The Lexicata team is helpful and easy to work with, and their technology team works closely with our technology team to ensure the best experience for our attorneys and their clients.

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