Series Introduction: Local SEO For Law Firms

by | Aug 2, 2017 | SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) can help increase the flow of targeted traffic to your law firm’s website.

Whether you practice in one geographic area or in multiple geographic areas, local SEO can help you connect with potential clients whose problems are local (or that they believe are local).

This Local SEO For Law Firms blog series will offer tips and best practices for incorporating local SEO into your law firm’s online marketing strategy.

What is local SEO and why does it matter for law firms?

Local SEO focuses on engaging local search engine users by improving law firm website visibility in search engine results for locally-focused queries.

There are several reasons why law firms should consider incorporating local SEO tactics into their overall online marketing strategy.

Your potential clients are very likely to search for local information and to trust local search results:

Based on his own successful law practice and what he has seen in hundreds of other attorneys’ practices, LawLytics CEO Dan Jaffe says: “If your clients have local matters, they will care about the local information. The more specific you can get about the local nuances, the more likely your content is to get found in response to searches they are conducting, and the more likely it will be to resonate with them and help convert them into leads and then clients.”

Another reason why local SEO is important is that search engine results can be affected by location–both the searcher’s location and a business’s location. Google knows where a search engine user is located and tries to provide relevant local results when possible.

Local SEO can also help your law firm engage potential clients when they know they need an attorney, but they aren’t yet sure which attorney they want to contact. People often search for information on a specific local business, but almost half of local searchers don’t have a specific business in mind when they perform a local search.

The targeted nature of local SEO helps you to reach local potential clients when they either need answers to their questions or know they need an attorney (or both). Effective local SEO can increase the number of qualified potential clients who see that your law firm is nearby and able to help, at the moment when they need help.

Many of your law firm’s competitors may not take the time to invest in content-based local online marketing. Or, they may be doing so poorly. By creating relevant local content on your law firm’s website, you are likely to engage local clients more effectively than your competitors who don’t have a local content strategy or that aren’t executing their strategy well.

How to do local law firm SEO the right way

When attorneys understand the basics about local law firm SEO, they usually see that it’s not complicated. 

We’ll cover both general law firm SEO best practices and specific local SEO recommendations in subsequent blog posts in the series, including:

  • Creating high-quality, relevant content that answers potential clients’ questions is the most effective online marketing tactic for law firms.
  • Strategic use of third-party websites, such as directories and review sites, can increase a law firm’s visibility in local search results.
  • Using the right technology can help lawyers avoid wasting time struggling with systems that aren’t built for them, which allows them to focus on creating content that drives business to their firms.

If you are new to law firm SEO, it is important to familiarize yourself with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which outline how to create effective, search engine- and user-friendly content. Our Law Firm SEO Guide offers law firm-specific tips.

These tips and guidelines can also help you avoid ineffective or outdated SEO tactics that can result in Google penalties, which can decrease your law firm website’s visibility in search results.

What you’ll learn about local law firm SEO in this series

Subsequent posts in this series will cover key components of local SEO, including:

  • Tips for developing an effective local SEO strategy
  • How to create effective local pages and content on your law firm’s website
  • How directory listings and reviews can engage local clients
  • Cost-effective ways to incorporate directory listings and reviews into your local marketing strategy
  • Technologies that can support your law firm’s local SEO efforts

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