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Multilingual Law Firm Websites and SEO Best Practices

If you are an attorney who speaks with clients in two or more languages, or a member of a law firm that provides multilingual client communication, this article will show you the best ways to capture the most revenue from your broadest possible addressable market.

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As Lawyers Our Thought Leadership Is Needed Right Now

As lawyers, we have an opportunity presented by the uncertainty and risk facing America and the world. Unlike laymen, lawyers have information and tools at our disposal to contextualize a significant part of what’s going on. The gift of context can be shared. And the...

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My Early Lessons In Solo Law Practice Growth

In this post, I’m going to talk about how I weathered the learning curve of being a suddenly very busy attorney while trying to build my firm for the long term. They call it the “practice” of law for a reason. Every lawyer has a lifelong learning curve about not just law and procedure, but about the “soft skills” listed above and many others. As a solo lawyer, you need to know every aspect of your business, and often need to competently execute every bit of it yourself.

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How to Get More Clients Through Content-Based SEO

Content-based SEO is the best way to attract new business to your firm without wasting time or money because good web content is what both Google and your potential clients are looking for. Here’s what to know about getting more clients with a content-based approach to your online marketing.

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How to Avoid Common Content Marketing Problems on Your Law Firm’s Website

Content marketing works better than any other form of SEO to drive new business to your firm. There are lots of ways to do content marketing correctly for your firm, and only a few things you shouldn’t do. Here are some of the most common content marketing problems and easy solutions to get your firm on the right track.

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How to Get Natural Backlinks to Your Law Firm’s Website

Backlinks from reputable sites that point to your website can improve your law firm’s visibility, but only if you naturally earn the backlink. In this blog post, we’ll explain what backlinks are, the difference between natural and unnatural backlinks, and how to get more natural backlinks that point to your law firm’s website. 

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3 Things Every Attorney Should Know About SEO

To understand SEO and its role in your law firm’s success, it’s important to understand the online law firm marketing landscape, as well as the motivations of your potential clients and the search engines they use to connect with lawyers. In this post, we explain the three most important things any attorney should know about search engine optimization.

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How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Online Visibility With Longtail Keywords

Focusing on the most sought-after keywords is usually an inefficient strategy for attorneys who want to attract new business to their law firm’s website. When attorneys change their focus to creating content around longtail searches, they can drive new business to their firms with much less effort. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of focusing on “longtail” searches.

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How to Organize Your Law Firm’s Website to Capture More Business

High-quality content on law firm websites attracts free traffic from the search engines. But it’s not just the content that counts — how it’s organized is important, too. When potential clients can find information quickly and easily on your law firm’s website, your odds of capturing their business increase. In this episode of the Law Firm Marketing Decoded Podcast, we’ll show you how to build a solid foundation for your content and then build on it in an orderly way.

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Beginning Content Creation Tips for Law Firms: How to Collect and Publish Positive Recommendations from Happy Clients on Your Law Firm’s Website

When potential clients are trying to determine if you’re the right attorney for their needs, they’ll want to see how you’ve helped others in the past. Reviews and recommendations from happy former clients can serve as essential points of social proof that a potential client needs to decide to contact your law firm. Your reputation is a valuable asset. Here’s how to get the most out of recommendations and positive reviews on your law firm’s website.

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