What do Overstock.com, Mozilla, eBay, and Google all have in common?

Each of these companies has been hit by a manual search engine penalty from Google at one time or another (and, yes, Google has even penalized itself)!

In our new eBook release, “Playing the SEO Game to Win: All In on a Losing Hand,” we outline eleven high-profile search engine penalties that Google has applied to big companies for stepping outside of its Webmaster Guidelines.

The third and final installment of our three-part “Summer of SEO” eBook series covers the activities that led to these search engine penalties, what the penalties entailed, as well as the final result of those penalties.

SEO Tactics For Attorneys Playing the Game To Win: All In on a Losing Hand

Inside this free resource you’ll learn about black hat SEO activities that can land your law firm website in hot water with the biggest search engine in the game. You’ll also learn what you can do to avoid such penalties, and how to recover from them should you ever receive one.

The “Summer of SEO” series started by telling you how to stay on the good side of search engines. It then went on to explain what not to do in the name of your law firm website’s online visibility. This final installment provides a look at what happens when black hat SEO practices stop working and Google bites back.

Download the final piece in our SEO trilogy to see what happens when website owners try to bluff the house with black hat SEO, and learn how to keep your law firm website on the winning side of search engine results.