Earlier this week I wrote about about why lawyer should avoid overly broad campaigns if they choose to do pay per click advertising. That post discussed the dangers of pay per click for lawyers, and gave some examples of poorly planned campaigns that can end of costing a law firm money.

Today we will look at something that should concern every attorney who uses, or is thinking about using, a pay per click management company to run their campaigns.

Does your law firm’s pay per click marketing company have a conflict of interest?

As lawyers, when it comes to our own practices, we are vigilant to avoid accepting cases with conflicts of interest. So I’ll skip all discussion of what a conflict of interest is, and go directly to how companies that manage pay per click ads for lawyers operate with conflicts.

Facts about pay per click advertising:

  1. Pay per click advertising is a bidding marketplace.
  2. There are a finite amount of useful spaces to bid on for any given search term.
  3. Bidders can drive the price of clicks up.

Facts about pay per click management companies:

  1. They typically charge either a flat monthly fee based on amount spend or a true percentage of the ad spend.
  2. The more their customers spend, the more they make.
  3. Spending more allows them to get titles from the search engines that are useful in marketing.

The conflict of interest:

  • The PPC management company has agreed to manage and optimize your law firm’s bids and those of your competitor(s).
  • The PPC management company profits as multiple bidders under their management  increase their bids.
  • It’s simple math.