One of the fundamental keys to law firm website performance is the website’s content. That’s what will convert website visitors into new clients. To make content work for your law firm, you need to make sure your content is updated on a regular basis. Some pages need to be updated on an as-needed basis, but other pages will require regular refreshing.

Law Firm Website Pages to Refresh on an As-Needed Basis

Your evergreen pages generally do not need updating on a regular basis. These pages include but are not limited to:

  • About Us
  • Resources
  • Bios
  • Practice Area pages
  • Contact Us 

These pages likely won’t need many updates except for when laws change, or when things in your firm change such as the addition of an attorney, a new office location, a new service, or new pages to supplement current pages (e.g., expanding your practice area pages or your resource page).

Law Firm Website Pages to Refresh Regularly

You have probably heard that a blog is important to a law firm’s website. Blogs are indeed important.

Once a week or twice a month, set aside two hours to write a blog. Keep in mind that your blog should be geared toward your potential clients. Start by addressing some of their most common questions. And as you do, go deeper and further. Each blog can build on the other. Each blog can provide valuable information. Each blog can connect you with the people you want to attract and help. You know them. You work for them. You listen to them. You know their concerns. You know their confusions. And you have answers, so provide them.

Talk about what matters to your potential clients. Talk about current events related to them and your legal practice. Just a few hours out of the month is all that is required at a minimum. If you don’t have time to write, hire us to help you with it. A blog is important to the depth and growth of your website and, thus, the depth and growth of your law practice. It’s what acts as a constant refresher. When you do start your blog and feed and grow it, there are a few things that will “magically” materialize:

  • You’ll gain the trust of your website visitors.
  • You’ll gain authority.
  • You’ll likely win the business and the loyalty of your (potential) clients.
  • They will likely refer you to others.
  • And your virtual presence will expand.

How can you maximize the benefits of new content?

Once you have content flowing on a regular basis, make sure it is reaching your targeted audience as easily as possible. Your potential clients are likely to find you through search engines, but they also are likely to engage with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In fact, potential clients spend 16 minutes of every hour on one of these social media platforms. LawLytics makes it easy to distribute your website content on popular social media platforms. You can easily publish your blog posts to your website and to your social media platforms in just a few clicks. If you have a great website with valuable content, your potential clients are likely to find you, engage with your content, and hire you. 

About the author: Tina Sorenson-Banavathu, LLM, is the Senior Content Editor at LawLytics. Tina graduated from McGill University Faculty of Law, and then worked at an international law firm in Washington, DC in the Environmental and Energy Department. Now at LawLytics, Tina helps lead the editorial and content creation efforts for our content clients.

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