Start-Grow-Dominate Law Firm Marketing Webinar Series Now Available On-Demand

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Announcements

This week, we wrapped up our Start-Grow-Dominate online marketing webinar series for attorneys.

In three months, we’ve covered eight separate practice areas, and we’ve logged 24 webinars with 40 hours of content.

The practice-specific three-part series laid the framework for attorneys to show them how to:

  • Start a website using safe and effective methods that will build a predictable flow of new cases at a sustainable ROI.
  • Consistently attract high quality clients and referral sources and start to position themselves as a market leader.
  • And, finally, how to get to the top of the mountain and stay there without wasting time or money — and without having to watch their back.

A special thank you to LawLytics CEO Dan Jaffe, and fellow team members Vice President of Content Operations Rachel Chalot, and Senior Designer Sophia Oliboni for joining me in this series. These webinars provide attorneys with outstanding information and a comprehensive look at online legal marketing to build a sound and sustainable law firm web presence.

Watch This Webinar Series On-Demand

If you missed this series when it aired live, you can now view the three-part webinar for your practice area on-demand. Links to Practice area-specific information can be found below.

We’ll be announcing more webinars in the coming weeks and months ahead, including more from our mass torts marketing series. In the meanwhile, feel free to visit our webinars page to view other on-demand presentations that can help you learn more about how to successfully market your practice online.

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