The most recent Google Panda Update, which has been slowly rolling out since mid-July 2015, is reportedly the slowest update yet. According to SearchEngineLand, Google has said that it can take months to complete, and will affect between 2% and 3% of all English search queries.

What does Google Panda mean for Attorneys?

The answer depends on how your law firm has approached its web presence. If you’ve thought like Google all along, and followed their guidelines, then it can only mean good things.

Is your law firm website low quality?

Google Panda is a ranking algorithm change that was first seen in early 2011. Its purpose is to demote “low quality” or “thin” sites so that sites with higher quality content can rise up in ranking.

How can you tell?

The test really comes down to adding value. Does the content on your website add to the overall online conversation. Does it bring value to Google’s users? If not, then it’s susceptible to demotion under Panda.

We have been guiding attorneys to invest in creating high-quality content for their websites and blogs from the very beginning. It’s really a very simple process, although it doesn’t have the allure of many of the SEO tricks still being sold as the next best thing. We highly recommend reading Google’s guidance on building high quality sites. While the article is from 2011, nothing has changed between then and now. And for that matter, it is highly unlikely that it will change in the future either.