Using Social Media Effectively To Boost Your Law Firm’s Business

by | May 11, 2017 | Marketing, SEO

In a recent post, I discussed how social media fits into a law firm’s web presence.

Once you understand what part social media plays in marketing your law firm online, then it’s time to consider how to use social media effectively to drive traffic to your firm and boost your firm’s business.

Choose effective social media sites for attorneys.

Attorneys should be careful about which social media sites they join.

It can be tempting to sign up for every social media site available in an attempt to “maximize” your reach. But doing that isn’t an effective use of your time or energy. And it’s generally not an effective marketing strategy, either.

Attorneys should be selective about choosing an online directory, and they should be selective about choosing social media, too.

We’ve gone into detail about which social media sites we think attorneys should consider in this blog post:

Which Social Media Platforms Do Attorneys Really Need?

Use social media to drive traffic to your law firm’s website.

Sometimes we see attorneys who are very focused on their social media.

Sometimes, that’s to the exclusion of focusing on what they own and control online, like their law firm website and blog. Your social media sites should be supplemental to your law firm website. But, that doesn’t mean social media isn’t useful.

Some attorneys wonder if they should re-post the content of their law firm blogs on their social media. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most useful way to use these sites. Social media can be an effective tool when you use it to attract potential clients and referral sources to your law firm website and blog.

We recommend that, instead of copying and pasting the text of your blog into a new post on Facebook, for example, you should promote new blog posts on social media by linking to the original piece. That way, you’re driving traffic back to your law firm website and blog where potential clients and referral sources can learn more about you.

If you’re short on time, using a system like LawLytics — which allows you to update all of your relevant social media with just a few clicks — can help you promote your work quickly.

Make yourself part of the online conversation.

Promoting your blog posts is a good way to increase your visibility.

But social media is also a good place to generate discussions and interest in your work outside your blog’s comment section.

Social media is not a one-way street, and in order to increase interactions with your potential clients and referral sources, it’s good to think about your own interactions, too.

You can use your social media to ask questions, create polls, and gather information that can help you write blogs that better answer your potential clients’ questions.

Tagging others in posts and tweets can both improve your networking and heighten your visibility.

A note on generating discussions (where appropriate)

Where generating discussions are concerned, attorneys should be cautious to generate discussions where appropriate, because sometimes this can go a little awry. Here are some things you may want to be careful about.

There are opinions about certain things that may be beneficial to your business.

For example, an immigration attorney might have the ability to take a strong political stance in that they may not care about alienating one side. Clients often want to know that you believe in the same things they do.

However, for a general DUI attorney, taking a strong political stance might be dangerous.

So, before you publish a Tweet or a Facebook status, ask yourself:

If I say this to someone…will all of my potential clients be comfortable with it?

Another thing that we sometimes see are attorneys who vent about their clients on social media.

We feel it’s important to assume that whatever you say is part of the permanent record, and that there’s an easy method of comparing it against everything else you’ve ever said, both in terms of content and consistency.

A Tweet takes seconds to publish, but a screenshot can last forever.

(Also: Be careful about delegating your tweets, or any social media, to a non-lawyer.)

LawLytics makes social media for law firms easy.

When you use good technology, you can use social media effectively — and incorporate it into the rest of your online marketing activities — without requiring a big investment of your time or energy.

LawLytics makes social media simple.

You can quickly and easily associate your social media accounts, and publish new information like law firm blog posts in just a few clicks. social announce blog posts

To see what LawLytics can do for your law firm’s online marketing, call us at 800-713-0161 or schedule our call.


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