Why should attorneys care about how their websites are designed? Because the way an attorney’s website is designed can actually affect how potential new clients find and evaluate them when deciding on legal representation.

“Responsive” web design is an approach to developing websites. Simply put, it’s about designing websites that are both functional and visually appealing across a wide range of devices (desktop, tablets, smart phones). The underlying idea is to create and utilize one website that can adapt and respond to whatever device a potential new client may be using to search the web. Responsive web design makes it possible for attorneys to maintain just one website that responds to any device and serves all your customers effectively.

Why is this important?

A recent and revealing study by Gartner clearly shows PC’s are in a decline and by 2015 tablets are expected to surpass PC sales. Today’s potential new clients browse the web while driving in the car or even in line at the store. They can literally search and find a lawyer’s website from anywhere. Having a website that is responsively effective across multiple mediums allows you to stay in control and on top of your competition.

Internet traffic on mobile devices is blowing up at an exponential rate.

Remember when the phone book was the best bet for marketing a law practice? Even if you don’t, you no doubt know that people use the web to find whatever/whoever they’re looking for. Consumers now drive the marketing process. So, if your website isn’t easy to navigate, with clear content, with an ultra-easy user-interface, you’ve just lost their business. This is true no matter what type of device they’re using . A quality user experience will ensure repeat visits and increased user time spent on the site and overall retention.

Additionally, while an efficient user-experience is paramount, a lawyer’s website must also have engaging, relevant content. Together, content and experience, when designed correctly, will ensure that the attorney’s website works 24/7 as their customer service representative. Responsive design entails that the website works perfectly on every phone, tablet and computer.

There’s no reason for an attorney to have separate websites for mobile visitors. All LawLytics websites are built with responsive technology. All of the attorneys in our network have the freedom and control to build an effectively growing online web presence. Because of responsive design, they each have the peace of mind that they aren’t losing a potential new client who’s searching the web with their phone or tablet.