LawLytics + Clio: Integration Partners.

Clio and LawLytics integrate seamlessly. The one-two punch of these best-in-class law firm tools transforms how law firms are marketed and run. Attorneys who use these powerful systems together enjoy a fully integrated, easy-to-use, cloud-based law practice so they can spend less time and money attracting, closing, and serving clients.

Fully Integrated Client Journey

Integrate your law firm’s marketing and practice management systems.

The combination of Clio and LawLytics results in powerful and scalable law firm infrastructure. 


The most powerful and easiest to use cloud-based law firm management software.

LawLytics + Clio

LawLytics helps you get more clients, and Clio helps you manage their matters, and your practice.


The leading all-in-one cloud-based marketing system for solo practitioners and small law firms.

Your Benefit

Market-leading law firm technology combination that can scale to meet all your firm’s goals.

What is LawLytics?

LawLytics Transforms How Law Firms Are Marketed

LawLytics is the leading website marketing system for lawyers who want more clients without wasting time or money. LawLytics helps firms make better marketing decisions, attract clients efficiently, and build their marketing into an appreciating asset.

The best-managed firms use the best technology.

Your Firm’s Well-Oiled Machine

Most marketing and practice management systems don’t talk to each other. LawLytics and Clio have rewritten that script.

Firms that have both LawLytics and Clio use the integration to send potential new clients’ information from LawLytics to Clio. Once that handoff is done, then the client or lead is managed in Clio going forward.

The Modern Client Experience

Your firm’s success is inextricably married to the digital experience your clients have of your firm.

Your clients expect quick and easy access to information about your practice and their matters. LawLytics empowers you to curate what they experience of your firm on the internet. Clio empowers you to orchestrate and deliver a well-organized client experience.

Clio + LawLytics = Clients Who Promote You

Your clients’ expect a consistent experience. LawLytics and Clio work in concert to turn consistency into business growth.

The client information path is not a one-way street. Your clients typically consume your web-based marketing before retaining you. When you do a great job for them, your clients will be more likely to conclude their experience by becoming online promoters of your practice.

As your firm grows, you’ll appreciate technology that grows along with it.

While we believe that attorneys will benefit from the LawLytics + Clio integration within months of opening their practice, Clio can be added to LawLytics (and vice versa) at any time.

How LawLytics and Clio Work Together

Seamlessly integrate your LawLytics and Clio accounts

The technical aspects of how Clio and LawLytics work together are simple, yet powerful.


Integration is easy

Simply click the Clio integration button in the LawLytics control panel. Clio and LawLytics are now integrated.

Send completed form information to Clio

When forms are filled out, you can have LawLytics automatically send the information to Clio. Or, you can send form results to Clio on a form-by-form basis.

Build forms in LawLytics

LawLytics allows you to create lead generation forms that you can deploy on your website.

Avoid data entry and mistakes

Avoid redundant data entry and eliminate the opportunity for scrivener’s errors in moving information.

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