Series: "A Firm Foundation"

To get from the idea of starting a law practice to owning a thriving law firm there are many decisions and challenges. This series is written to help attorneys navigate the journey as they start or build their firms.

Dan Jaffe, Attorney & CEO
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I’ve been a lawyer since 1998 and I am admitted to practice law in Arizona and Washington State. I built successful practices in both states and have tried more than 100 cases to verdict. I created LawLytics to empower lawyers to build their practices without having to depend on marketing agencies or struggle with website software that’s not built for them.

– Dan Jaffe, Attorney and LawLytics CEO

My Story – The Time Between Law School Graduation and Opening My First Law Firm

Law school and the bar exam are a crucible of sorts. In experiencing and surviving a stressful and transformational experience, lifelong bonds are created with people with whom, prior to law school, the law student may have had little to nothing in common. There are several classmates that, had we met in the real world without the context of law school, we would have never become friends. Nevertheless, because of the law school experience, we’re friends for life. I keep in contact with many of my classmates, and a good many of them have become LawLytics customers.

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How I Used Law School to Prepare to Open a Successful Solo Law Firm

If you want to start your own law practice right out of law school, you can absolutely do it, and it can absolutely give you a lucrative and highly fulfilling career. Whether you’re pre-law, a 1L or a 3L wondering when you’ll get the chance to take the bar exam (I’m writing this in the thick of the COVID-19 crisis lockdown), now is the time to embark on that solo practice journey, or start exploring whether it’s right for you. I hope my story, which outlines one of infinite possible paths, is helpful, and that the subsequent posts in this series will give you the tools and inspiration to successfully make that choice and that leap.

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Intro To My Solo Law Practice Story

This is the second post in my new blog series about starting a solo law practice. The first was a general introduction to the series and topic, while this post is an introduction to my backstory, which I'll tell before tackling a range to topics and tricks to make...

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Starting a Solo Law Practice – Series Intro

If you’re a lawyer or law student thinking about starting your own practice, let me first say congratulations. You are contemplating a venture that is rich with rewards and satisfaction, and that, in my opinion, can provide the best quality of practice and of life in the law. The journey to a successful solo law practice starts with a single thought, and if you’re reading these words, you’re likely well on your way.

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