Law Firm Marketing eBooks

The free resources available on this page are meant to help attorneys learn how to market their law firms effectively on the web without wasting time and money. Read them in your browser right now, or save them on your mobile device so that you can expand your knowledge of search engines, law firm SEO, and other digital marketing practices anywhere you go.

SEO Basics for Lawyers

For the newly initiated, the information online about SEO can be confusing and intimidating. This resource includes information on how search engines work, as well as easy SEO opportunities you can implement on your law firm website.

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Law Firm SEO That Works

SEO is a game of probability. It’s also a game that attorneys can win, so long as they’re armed with the right information. Learn how to set your law firm website up for SEO success in this free resource.

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The Law Firm SEO Practices to Avoid

Even well-intentioned attorneys can fall victim to “black hat” SEO tactics that fall outside of search engine webmaster guidelines. Learn to protect yourself from nefarious SEO sales tactics and avoid search engine penalties in this free resource.

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A Lawyer’s Guide to Recovering from Google Penalties

Go against Google’s guidelines long enough and your law firm’s website may be slapped with a rankings penalty. Examine high-profile penalties incurred by large companies (including Google itself) and learn how to overcome rankings penalties in this resource.

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How to Name Your Law Firm

Law firm names aren’t limited to the names of a firm’s partners or their initials anymore. The use of trade names for law firms is on the rise, and even big-name firms are shortening their monikers when rebranding. Catch up on the latest law firm naming trends in this resource.

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