SEO For Lawyers

LawLytics makes law firm SEO easy. Now small law firms and solos can have a website that attracts the business they want without taking risks and giving their money and power away to an agency.


Nearly 3/4 of all lawyers struggle with their marketing.

Don’t let a SEO agency drain your profits or compromise your future.

Nearly 3 out of 4 attorneys are dissatisfied with their websites. The common denominator is that they lack a system that puts them in control. LawLytics solves this problem: It’s designed for lawyers, and makes content-based SEO — and its result, client acquisition — easy. It empowers attorneys to easily control and understand their website.

Law Firm SEO Without the Risk

There’s a lie, perpetrated by some SEO providers, that attracting clients using free search engine traffic (aka SEO) is complicated and time-consuming. But when attorneys use LawLytics, they discover that:

  • SEO is easy and affordable. LawLytics makes it easy for lawyers to have a search engine optimized website without having to do anything technical.
  • It’s about content. The most important aspect of law firm SEO is content.
  • You don’t need an agency. When you use LawLytics and follow our guidance, you’ll see that you don’t have to rely on anybody else for SEO, and you don’t have to pay an agency to succeed.

The LawLytics platform is designed to make it safe and easy for attorneys to have world-class SEO without the need to pay an agency and take risks. Everything you need is built in, and gets updated as standards change. Our unique technology and exclusive focus on law firm websites means you’ll be on the cutting edge without worrying about SEO.

LawLytics Makes Law Firm SEO Safe and Easy

Save Time

LawLytics is built exclusively for law firms, so everything you need is built right in.

Save Money

It’s priced so you can grow your firm without paying an agency for SEO.

Market Smarter

It focuses your firm’s marketing on what works and helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Law Firm SEO Case Study

Richard Lawson launched a new site with LawLytics in October 2017. He used the LawLytics platform and playbook, completely avoided SEO providers, and grew his website into a sustainable market leader that continues to grow.

Visitors in Oct. 2017

Visitors in Oct. 2018

Visitors in Sept. 2019

Visitors in May 2020

“LawLytics is by far the single most important marketing platform for my law office. It generates more cases, more reliably, than anything else I’ve tried.”

Richard Lawson

“My advice to any lawyer who wants to grow their ROI without dealing with marketing headaches is to use LawLytics, go through their training, and follow their advice.”

Coleen St. Clair

“It’s a great feeling to be in control of my firm’s web presence, and at the same time know that LawLytics keeps up with SEO advancements and takes care of all the behind the scenes technology for me.”

James Charnesky

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