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LawLytics Membership

LawLytics is the all-in-one website marketing system for solos and small law firms that want to grow their practices without wasting time and money.

With your monthly membership (which costs less than one average billable attorney hour, plus a reasonable one-time setup fee) you can get results that would cost you thousands per month elsewhere. You don’t need to worry about the design or technical aspects of building and maintaining a world-class website. We take care of those things for you. You’ll get a cutting-edge law firm website that you can easily edit. Your membership gives you access to everything you need to effectively market your law firm online.

High-Performance Website

You’ll get a high-performance law firm website. We’ll handle the design and technical details. Your website will be adaptable to every stage of your firm’s business growth.

Efficient Marketing Strategy

We will help you understand and execute an effective online strategy to attract and convert potential clients based on your geographic location, practice areas, and goals. No need to take risks or make bets on the latest SEO tricks, and no need to become dependent on PPC ads.

Better Marketing Decisions

We help focus your firm’s marketing on what works and save you from making costly mistakes that can jeopardize your success. The results will be steady progress and sustainable gains.

Lawyer-Friendly Control Panel

Stop missing opportunities and wasting time struggling with software that’s not built for lawyers. The LawLytics legal marketing control panel was designed for law firms and requires no tech experience. Explore the features.

Flexible Marketing Services

You can adjust your level of service on the fly by adding or subtracting strategic add-ons to meet your firm’s needs, so you’ll never overcommit or pay for services you don’t need.

Included with membership:

Professional Website Design

We build and style your site.

Design Guarantee

Guaranteed to work with the latest browsers.


Fast Loading

Fast server and page speed times.

Easily Add, Edit & Delete Content

Easily publish to and edit your firm’s website.


Unlimited Pages

There’s no limit to how big your site can grow.

Attorney Focused Strategy & Support

Our legal marketing experts are here for you.

Freedom Of Choice

Small firm friendly month-to-month terms.

On-Demand Reports

Easy to read and understand.

Live Visitor Monitoring

See who’s on your sites.

Display Results & Testimonials

Highlight your accomplishments.

Automatic Updates

You’ll always have the latest version.

Regular Design Updates

Included re-design every two years.


100% computer, tablet, and phone compatible.


Security Certificates

You’re protected by the latest in web security.

Unlimited Blogging

Reach more clients with your built-in legal blog.

Unlimited Smart Forms

Customize the info you collect on your site.

Add Unlimited Images

It’s drag-and-drop easy.


Add unlimited Videos

Mobile-compatible video hosting.

Unlimited Users

Includes access for all your attorneys and staff.


Potential Client Tracking

Find more opportunities to attract business.

Daily Cloud Backups

Your firm’s website and data are protected.

Exclusive Hosting

Hosted on our attorneys-only system.

Optional add-ons:

Reputation Management

We’ll monitor your online reviews across the internet and consolidate, curate, and display your best ones.

Listings Management

We’ll establish or fix (and then regularly update) your directory listings across the internet.

Professional Content

We’ll write compelling and legally accurate content for your website, blog, or newsletters.

Frequent Questions:

What does LawLytics Membership cost?

We’re happy to discuss your individual needs and give you a price quote: schedule a free consultation with us.

Is LawLytics available in my location?

LawLytics membership is only available to lawyers and law firms in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Your membership is on a month-to-month basis. You’re free to cancel and change providers at any time, no notice required. Your LawLytics legal marketing expert will go over all the details with you during your free marketing consultation.

Do I own my own content?

Yes. Whether you write it, or we write it for you, you maintain exclusive and unrestricted ownership.

Do I own my domain name?

Yes. You always keep exclusive ownership of your domain name.

Do I need a separate web host?

You will not need a separate web host. We’ll host your website for you on our state-of-the-art platform.

Do I need a website to get started?

No website? No problem! We’ll create your law firm’s first website. We can even create additional websites and blogs for you, or improve your firm’s existing website by moving it to the LawLytics Platform. Are you unclear about which option is best for you? Schedule a free marketing consultation. Your LawLytics legal marketing expert will help you figure out which option is right for your law firm.

Can I move my existing website to LawLytics?

Absolutely. The combination of your website, plus our software, service and support, puts you in the best position to grow your law firm. We’re experts when it comes to migrating attorney websites from WordPress, Typepad, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, SquareSpace and many others, as well as from all major web design, marketing and hosting companies.

We’ll do the work for you and make sure there’s no downtime during the transition. You can discuss the process of upgrading your site to LawLytics when you meet with your LawLytics marketing expert.

Can I hire LawLytics to write for my website or blog?

Your LawLytics Membership gives you the best of all worlds. You can use the LawLytics Control Panel to easily create and edit your own practice pages, local pages, attorney bios, case results, recommendations and blog posts. Our Control Panel was built exclusively for you, the lawyer, and it’s as easy as using a word processor. If you don’t want to write your own content, or want us to augment your efforts, our professional content team, managed and staffed by lawyers who are legal marketing experts, is here to help you. Our content services can be added, adjusted and removed on the fly, so you’ll only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Can I use the content from my previous site or blog?

Your LawLytics Membership gives you the ability to publish an unlimited amount of content. As long as you own the content and the rights to publish it, your content can be used on your LawLytics website(s). As part of your free initial consultation, we can advise you on the best and safest strategy for repurposing your existing content.

What does LawLytics do to promote sites via SEO?

LawLytics does all the technical and design tasks needed to make your site Google-friendly. We’ve done the due-diligence for you. And when Google’s standards change, our system, and your site, gets updated to adapt. All of this is done automatically by our award-winning software, and is included with your membership.

The LawLytics system automatically adds attorney-specific semantic markup to your site, so you don’t have to learn to code or hire a programmer to do it for you. The system also creates search-engine-friendly pages for each testimonial, case result, attorney bio and office location that is entered into the system, adds Google maps to your pages, and much more. The system also creates a sitemap file that automatically updates and tells the search engines whenever a page, blog post, case result, attorney bio, recommendation or office location is added or updated, so you’ll never waste time submitting pages to search engines.

When you use LawLytics, you don’t need to worry about entering keywords just right or any other technical aspect of search engine optimization. Instead you can focus on the biggest creator of value, adding compelling, timely and noteworthy content that resonates with your potential clients and referral sources. To learn more about how modern search engine optimization works, see our law firm SEO guide.

Will my LawLytics site be mobile-friendly?

Yes. Your site will use the latest responsive design technology — the mobile-friendly method of displaying websites favored by search engines. This method ensures your site will look great, regardless of what device or screen size your potential clients use. When viewed in touch-enabled devices (smartphones and tablets), your site will respond to touch and swipe gestures. Your site will also be touch-to-call enabled.

Will I have a say in the design process?

At LawLytics, we know what works. Our design process is streamlined to produce results for your firm. You’ll choose the basic structure of your site. From there, we’ll work with you to style it for your law firm, including pictures, backgrounds, colors, fonts and logo. This will result in your website that captures the unique personality of your firm while adhering to our proven design formula for optimal business generation.

Tell me about free design refreshes.

You’re eligible for an optional free design refresh every 2 years — just like a cell phone upgrade — for as long as you’re a LawLytics member. You can exercise the option on each 2-year anniversary, or any time thereafter.

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LawLytics Membership

LawLytics is the leading website service for lawyers who want their marketing to work without wasting time or money. Unlike overpriced marketing companies, our service adapts as the law firm’s needs evolve, so our members don’t overpay. Unlike general website software, our system is built for lawyers, so our members don’t struggle or miss opportunities.