The LawLytics Promise

Our Committment to Attorneys

  1. We will help you grow your law firm in the most efficient, reliable, and sustainable way.
  2. We will never sell you services you don’t need.
  3. Our staff will always be based in the United States, and will always consist of a high percentage of team members with legal backgrounds who understand what it is like to practice law and own small law firms. Each team member wants you to succeed and will work with you for your success.
  4. We love law firm owners and will always focus on serving them.
  5. Our software will maintain its exclusive focus on the legal profession, and will always be up to date or ahead of the latest trends in website design, client usability, security, speed, and device compatibility.
  6. We will never own a directory business or any other web property that competes with your law firm’s website in the search engines. We will help you avoid making common mistakes that boost legal directories at the expense of your website’s success.
  7. We will never lock you into a long-term contract.
  8. We will charge fair prices so that your firm can grow your revenue without proportionally growing your overhead.
  9. You’ll always own your domain name and all of the content and images on your website.
  10. We will never profit from you purchasing pay-per-click ads, as that would create a conflict of interest with our commitment to helping you grow your law firm in the most efficient, reliable and sustainable way. We will help you avoid losing money to a self-serving PPC agency.
  11. You will always have access to quickly and easily add and remove content from your website.
  12. You will always have access to your reports and statistics.
  13. You will be as supported, or as independent, as you want to be.
  14. You’ll be able to change and evolve your goals, plans, and budget on the fly, so you’ll never be stuck with a direction, or bill, that’s not optimized for your firm’s current situation.

LawLytics Gives Attorneys Everything They Need, and Nothing They Don’t