Reviews Management Add-On

Reviews management is available as a membership add-on to help your firm get good reviews, mitigate bad ones, and build your reputation.

All attorneys are affected by online reviews

Four out of five potential clients check a law firm’s online reviews before deciding to hire a lawyer. What people say about your firm — and the ratings that they give you — can grow or harm your firm’s business.

You can’t prevent people from rating and reviewing your firm. But you can and should monitor and manage your online reputation. The LawLytics Reputation Management service makes it easy.

Let’s build your law firm’s online reputation

As a strategic add-on to LawLytics membership we offer an optional supported service to help attorneys establish an online reputation that drives business, and help mitigate and guard against negative factors that are out of your firm’s control.

With the LawLytics Reputation Management Add-On, you can boost your firm’s online ratings, fast. Easily gather new reviews from your clients. Intelligent linking directs them to post reviews where you need them the most — Google, Facebook and others.

Your dedicated reviews page

Your dedicated review microsite will display reviews from across all important review sites. You decide which ones to show and which to hide. Safely send your potential clients and referral sources to your dedicated reviews page without worry that they’ll be exposed to your competitors or distracted by irrelevant information.

Aggregate reviews from all of your firm’s attorneys into a single site.

Monitor all of your reviews in one place

Monitor client reviews from a single control panel. Get notified of new reviews on Google, Yelp, and dozens of other review sites. The system can send you notices whenever you receive a review. So you’ll understand how your clients are feeling about your service, and when necessary, you can respond to and mitigate negative reviews.

Send review requests

Ask your clients to post reviews where it matters most to you.


Automatically share good reviews:

Automatically post good reviews to mainstream social media accounts. You decide whether to post 4-star and up or only 5-star reviews.