Content Marketing For Lawyers

It’s 2018 and content marketing now works better than any other form of SEO with both search engines and potential clients. Quality content brings visitors to your website and transforms them into new business for your firm. LawLytics works with you to build your law firm’s website into an appreciating asset using content marketing best practices. To accomplish this, we offer you two paths. You can easily create and edit your own content, or have our professional content writing team create it for you.

Starter Content

Need help getting the first few pages posted to your website? Sometimes the first step is the hardest one in the journey. Our professional content team can help you over that hurdle to get your new site launched fast, or to make quick improvements to an existing site.

Substantive Content

Your substantive pages are “evergreen content” that does not change over time, or changes very slowly. Examples include practice area pages, summaries of the law, local court pages and advice pages. Our writing team can enhance your existing substantive content or create authoritative content from scratch.

Legal Blogging

Blogging builds interest in your firm, brings the right traffic to your site, and solidifies your reputation. For blogging to work, it should be done regularly. If you don’t have time to blog, we can help. Our professional blogging service can be activated, deactivated, and adjusted on the fly so you’ll always have the right amount of content as your firm’s needs change.

FAQs about LawLytics Content.

What is content marketing, and why should I care about it?

Your potential clients often search for answers to their questions before concluding that they need your services. Even when they know they need an attorney, they spend time researching their issues — and your firm — before deciding to contact you.

Supplying useful information on your website that demonstrates your expertise and answers their questions makes it more likely that they’ll contact you and hire you, and with less “sales” effort. This is content marketing, and it outperforms all other forms of legal advertising. It provides an unprecedented opportunity to attract new clients and referral sources — without exposing yourself to the risks and expenses inherent in other forms of online legal marketing.

Who will write my content?

We employ a team of accomplished, highly educated, US-based professional writers. Each undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure that they’re the right person for the job. Most of our writers are full-time employees who work from our main office.

Do I get to review my content before it goes on my site?

You’ll be able to review each piece before publication, spot check your content, or empower us to publish pieces as they are completed. As we build our relationship, you can choose to adjust the editorial process to suit your needs and your comfort level.

If I choose to leave LawLytics, can I keep my content?

Yes. All content that we create for you is yours. Period.

Will the content that you write for me be original?

Yes. All content will be original and written specifically for you and you only.

Customer Review

As a customer of LawLytics, I feel like I have an elite internet marketing staff at my disposal.

After substantial research and due diligence, we signed up for a LawLytics membership. We were immediately impressed by their level of knowledge, engagement with and caring about our firm, and their software, which allowed us to control our website, see our stats, and review our leads. We appreciate the website they built for us, and their content-driven approach to attracting potential clients and inspiring them to contact our firm. Because of the great experience we had, we decided to take the leap and invest significantly in having them create volumes of content for our website.

LawLytics doesn’t brag about it, but they have a well-oiled professional content team with the ability to create massive high-end content build-outs for attorneys who would rather delegate their marketing efforts so that they can focus on their clients. We hired them to create comprehensive content plans for us in the areas of medical malpractice and personal injury. The content plans were insightful, detailed, and took into account the business objectives of our firm. The plans also demonstrated their deep understanding of the dynamics of how victims of torts engage lawyers online. We then hired them to execute on those content plans over an initial two-year period. At present, they have added nearly 2,000 pages of high-quality content to our website and counting.

LawLytics runs their business like a highly organized and ethical law firm. They treat us, as their clients, like our law firm treats our clients. The whole LawLytics Team, from administrative staff, writers, technical support, to web design is highly responsive to our needs and questions. As a customer of LawLytics, I feel like I have an elite internet marketing staff at my disposal. I rarely have to wait for more than an hour or two for a reply, and solution, to any question or issue I have. During the past two years we have also identified new market opportunities that required written materials for our website that fell outside of the initial content plans. The LawLytics team jumped in and created additional content to market these opportunities, and what they wrote is the highest-quality and most comprehensive treatment of those topics that I’ve seen on the internet and has led to several bonafide leads.

The first two years of our LawLytics-led content buildout are concluding, and we signed on to continue with LawLytics membership, and with content creation. Having seen the power of a well-planned and well-executed content strategy with LawLytics, I’m convinced that there is no better investment we could have made, and will continue to make, in our law firm’s ongoing online client communication and marketing success.

– Attorney Charles Gilman

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