The LawLytics Difference

LawLytics was founded by attorney Dan Jaffe (pictured here) who became disillusioned by the smoke screens and unnecessary disadvantages sold to attorneys by the legal marketing industry. LawLytics is for lawyers who want to get ahead of the competition and break free from overpriced and underperforming marketing. You don’t have to compromise with LawLytics. Here’s why:

The Problem

Directory Companies are Conflicted

Online legal directories are your direct competitors for zero-sum search engine rankings. If your website outranks their directory, it hurts their business. Despite the conflict of interest, some directory companies sell or give away “free” law firm websites to attorneys without disclosing or acknowledging that their business depends on their directory website(s) to do better than your law firm’s website.

Our Solution

No Conflicting Directory Businesses

We view owning a directory business as an ethically disqualifying feature for any company that helps attorneys build, manage, host, maintain or optimize their firms’ websites. It’s a conflict of interest per se. Therefore, we will never own or have a business interest in the performance of any online legal directory, or any other website that would compete with your firm for the attention of your clients.

The Problem

SEO is Made Artificially Complex

Some legal marketing providers want lawyers to think that search engine optimization is complex, time-consuming and ever-changing. This “positioning” enables them to charge significant fees, yet some law firm SEO providers do little more than write a monthly report, while others try to game Google and do things that put the firm’s website at risk.

Our Solution

SEO is Simplified and Transparent

LawLytics makes it easy to grow your law firm with reliable SEO. It’s so easy that any attorney can implement it, and it makes engaging with agencies optional yet more effective and transparent. And it doesn’t  rely on risky tricks that can get you demoted or banned by search engines. LawLytics helps attorneys easily understand what works and empowers them (and/or their agencies) to succeed with SEO.

The Problem

PPC Can Drain Law Firms’ Profits

Lawyers waste money on pay-per-click ads. Some become dependent on continuous PPC spending by failing to build sustainable marketing assets. Some PPC agencies work with multiple competing law firms, driving up the prices attorneys must bid for clicks (as well as the management fees that agencies collect). Some agencies charge excessive management fees, obscure their billing practices, and don’t let attorneys see the real data or own their own PPC accounts.

Our Solution

Ethical PPC Options

As a LawLytics member, we’ll help you build sustainable marketing infrastructure that leverages free traffic so you won’t be dependent on costly PPC. And, if you decide that you want to do PPC advertising to supplement your marketing, you’ll have access to our ethical PPC partners who have agreed to strict guidelines that prevent them from acting unethically or ignoring your firm’s best interests.

The Problem

WordPress is Not Optimal for Lawyers

WordPress is free open-source software that can be hosted on the cheap. But it comes with hidden costs to solo and small firm lawyers. WordPress is not built for lawyers, is not natively SEO-friendly, requires extensive modification and customization for law firms, has security vulnerabilities, and requires continuous code and plugin updates.

Our Solution

LawLytics is Built for Lawyers

LawLytics gives lawyers all the power and benefits of WordPress, but without the technical work, risks, hidden costs, and headaches. And it gives legal marketing agencies and providers an easier and more effective alternative to struggling with WordPress. LawLytics is built exclusively for law firms, so unlike WordPress, everything that attorneys need is built in.

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