Easy Client Intake Forms

Collect Information from Clients and Potential Clients

Create Forms

From simple “Contact Us” forms to complex client intake questionnaires, LawLytics lets you create and manage forms with ease.

Pick Who Gets Notified

Check the box next to any user you want to be notified when a particular form is filled out.

See Submissions

See all form submissions from the LawLytics Control Panel and designate contacts as potential new clients.

Dedicated Contact Pages

Easily make a form the focus of a page so it can be completed without distractions.

Sidebar Forms

Keep a form omnipresent and easy to access by putting it in the sidebar of your law firm’s website.

Nest Forms in Your Content

With just a few clicks, you can even nest your forms within individual web pages and blog posts.

Easy Form Integration

LawLytics forms integrate seamlessly with Clio and Lexicata, the leading client management and intake systems.

All forms should be this easy!

Nothing to Code

LawLytics forms are drag-and-drop easy. You can create drop-down choices, check boxes and text fields with ease, and rearrange them at will.


Nothing to Secure

All form results are emailed only to the designated contacts, and the form information is archived securely in your control panel.

Nothing to Maintain

Unlike scripts, plugins and other third party add-ons, LawLytics forms will never require you to update, maintain or patch anything.

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