The Most Powerful Law Firm Website System

Websites for Lawyers

  • Get a high-performance law firm website
  • That you own and can easily edit
  • Built with proven designs
  • Your brand, content, and domain
  • Optimized to attract new clients
  • Sites launched fast

Software for Lawyers

  • Easily add and update your content
  • Track your potential clients
  • Drop in pictures and videos
  • Lawyer-specific features
  • Instant marketing reports

Strategy for Lawyers

  • Unlimited strategic guidance
  • 1:1 coaching and planning
  • Playbook that’s proven effective
  • Results that would cost 5-25x elsewhere
  • Understand and control your marketing

Support for Lawyers

Stop Wasting Money and Time

A monthly LawLytics membership can get results that would cost 5x to 25x elsewhere. LawLytics is built exclusively for lawyers so they can say no to overpriced marketing agencies and take control of their online marketing without having to struggle with general do-it-yourself website software.

Take Control of Your Future

LawLytics makes it easy for lawyers to participate in their online marketing and turn their law firm’s website into an appreciating asset that cost-effectively generates business over the long term. LawLytics membership helps attorneys grow without costly and risky SEO vendors and without becoming dependent on wasteful PPC advertising.

Two Great Ways to Get Started

Whether you need to start a new website or need help making the one you already have work better, LawLytics will help you reach your marketing goals.

Option 1: Start a Website

Start a new legal website in as little as two weeks and become highly competitive and profitable in short order. Whether you’re starting a new firm, starting over with your marketing, or looking to add additional revenue to your practice, LawLytics levels the playing field and makes it easy to compete online.

Option 2: Improve Your Website

Already have a website that you wish worked better? If your website is producing business, LawLytics can help you get more clients, lower your costs, and set you up for long-term success. If your website isn’t working, fixing it has never been easier or more affordable.

Google Analytics Verified Case Study

Start a Website

On October 27, 2017, Richard Lawson launched a brand new site with LawLytics. In less than a year the site went from brand new to local market leader using LawLytics.

Organic Visitors in Nov. 2017 (newly launched)

Organic Visitors in Sept. 2018 (less than 1 year later)

Google Analytics Verified Case Study

Improve a Website

Neil Shouse wanted to improve his successful website. He chose LawLytics to import, improve, and manage his site. The LawLytics version launched on November 12, 2013.

Organic Visitors in Sept. 2013 (before LawLytics)

Organic Visitors in Sept. 2018 (with LawLytics)

The LawLytics Difference

Our Story

LawLytics was founded by an attorney who wanted to give lawyers a predictable way to grow their revenue and profits.

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Our Stance

LawLytics is for attorneys who want to avoid common mistakes and grow their online marketing without compromising or giving away their power.

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Our Promise

Our team of lawyers, technologists, and legal marketing experts is committed to helping you grow your firm.

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