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Law Firm Website Design

Professional website design is included with your membership. All designs are mobile and search-engine-friendly. See examples below and schedule a call to discuss options.

Some Live Example Attorney Website Designs

Gilman & Bedigian

Maryland Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury
See live LawLytics site.

Lemon Law

California Car Lemon Firm
See live LawLytics site.

Kurt D. Lloyd

Attorney & Author of Jury Selection
See live LawLytics site.

Lawson & Berry

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney
See live LawLytics site.

Schiller, Kessler & Gomez PLC

Florida Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law Firm
See live LawLytics site.

Russman Law

New Hampshire Law Firm
See live LawLytics site.

Jeremy Rosenthal

Denver Personal Injury Law Firm
See live LawLytics site.

Revo Smith Law

Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyers
See live LawLytics site.

Shouse Law

Firm Practicing In CA, NV, CO
See live LawLytics site.

WA Veterans Bar Association

Washington State Legal Association
See live LawLytics site.

Childers Law Firm

North Little Rock, AR
See live LawLytics site.

McMillian Law Firm

Charleston, SC
See live LawLytics site.

Keen Law Offices

Orem, UT
See live LawLytics site.

Segal & Segal, LLC

Huntsville Criminal Defense Attorney Website
See live LawLytics site.

Amy Morell

Napa DUI Lawyer Website
See live LawLytics site.

Melissa M. Braatz

Rhode Island Attorney Website
See live LawLytics site.

The Stevens Firm

South Carolina Family Law Website
See live LawLytics site.

Pate & Knott

Tennessee PI, Criminal and Family Law
See live LawLytics site.

Scott Mitchell Law

Modesto Attorney Website
See live LawLytics site.

Jerkins Family Law

North Carolina Family Attorney Website
See live LawLytics site.

All LawLytics websites are:

Designed for Law Firms

We serve lawyers and nobody else.


Search Engine Friendly

Attract free traffic with built-in SEO features.

Fast Loading

It’s good for your clients and the search engines.

Client Friendly

Designed to convert visitors into clients.

Universally Compatible

100% computer, tablet and phone compatible



All websites include native SSL security.

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Law Firm Website Design Options and Processes

How important is law firm website design?

Design is too important to your law firm’s success to leave to chance.

Your law firm’s website — including its design — is an experience for your potential clients. The design needs to work with the content on your site to lead your potential clients to find you, like you and hire you.

When you’re a LawLytics Member, we’ll handle the design portion of building a website for you, so you can rest assured that your law firm’s website follows best practices.

Does LawLytics provide custom law firm website design?

Yes, as a LawLytics member, we provide you the choice of either custom website design or our highly-effective standard law firm website designs styled to give your website a unique look. Standard design is included with your membership and setup fee. A custom website design requires a custom proposal and agreement based on the scope of the project in addition to your LawLytics membership. Let’s explore which method is right for your firm’s current stage and budget, and your long-term goals.

Should I get a custom legal website?

Some attorneys think they need a custom website design, but are actually better off with a standard design, which provides flexibility and design choices that result in a unique law firm website that works without the expense or risk.

We recommend that you schedule a call with us so that we take an objective look at your goals and help you understand whether a custom attorney website, or one of our standard designs is the best strategic move for you.

Will I have a say in the design process?

At LawLytics, we know what works. Our standard setup process is streamlined to produce a high-performance website for your firm while minimizing the number of design decisions you’ll have to make. Our process saves you time and prevents you from making poor design decisions by removing the guesswork. You’ll get to choose between our standard configurations, in which you’ll get choose from our selection of tested and effective layouts for your site. From there, we’ll work with you to style your layout by selecting pictures, colors, fonts, and logo. The end result is your highly optimized website — one that captures the personality of your firm and adheres to our proven standards for better business generation.

For custom website designs, the process is highly personalized. We work with you to determine the best way to approach it based on your firm’s needs, time availability and budget.

If I start with a standard design, can I switch to a custom website design later?

Yes. In fact, many attorneys who currently have sites with customizations started their LawLytics membership with a standard site. After economically growing their revenue using our system, they later “grew into” a fully custom site, or a standard site with custom modifications.

Do standard (non-custom) LawLytics law firm website designs work?

You want your website to differentiate you in your market, and to portray your law firm’s unique identity. But you want to do it without making sacrifices, taking unnecessary risks or missing opportunities. Our standard sites are engineered and market-proven to do exactly that.

Here are the top reasons LawLytics standard website designs work so well:

Law Firm-Specific: Our layouts are designed exclusively for small law firms, and have built-in features and efficiencies that are expensive to reproduce in from-scratch custom designs. Things that you would have to pay a custom designer extra to try to recreate come standard in LawLytics layouts.

Continuously Improved: We design and continuously refine our layouts in-house. This means as we continue to improve the look, feel, and function of each layout, you get the benefit of having a website that keeps getting better.

Easy Free Upgrades: When you have a standard design, we’ll give you a design refresh, for free, every two years of your LawLytics membership. This will keep your design fresh and compliant with cutting-edge techniques and standards as the web evolves.

SEO-Friendly: All of our layouts are built to be search engine-friendly. Combined with our recommended content-based SEO strategy, our layouts perform very well in the search engines.

Human-Friendly: All of our layouts are built with your potential clients in mind. They’re designed to create a positive emotional impact, hook visitors in, qualify potential clients, and prompt them to contact your law firm. The means that they’re easy for your potential clients to use, regardless of the device they use. With our templates, your content will be enhanced by the visuals instead of obscured by meaningless and distracting visual elements (which often happens with custom website design).

If I go with a standard design, will I have a voice in the design process?

The LawLytics standard website design process is streamlined to produce results for your firm while eliminating design risks and minimizing subjective choices. The process ensures that you’ll get a high-performing product that represents the unique personality of your law firm.

You’ll work with our professional designers during the setup process. You’ll need to make the following easy choices, from which we’ll assemble your law firm’s website design:

The Layout: You’ll choose one of our available professional law firm website design layouts. This will determine the general placement of the elements on your site including the navigation, sidebar, footers, and homepage elements such as sliders or images.

The Colors: You’ll choose a color palette for your website. If your law firm has an existing colors, we can adopt those. We can also use colors that match your current branding, a picture of your team, building, a local landmark, or anything else that makes sense. We’ll also provide you with pre-assembled color palettes to help guide you to the best choices, so you’ll always end up with colors that go well together and are designed to convey your firm’s unique personality and message.

The Images: You’ll have the option to supply us with pictures of your team, offices, or other custom images. You can also select from our extensive library of stock images. You can pick your images directly, or we can do it for you based on your input.

Your Logo (optional): If requested during the setup process, we will create a logo for you from our inventory of template-based logos. We can also use your existing logo on your LawLytics website.

Once you make your choices, we’ll create the site for you. The possible combinations are virtually limitless. The goal will be a website that reflects your firm’s unique personality that is also optimized to attract and convert new clients.

What is the custom website design process?

Custom website design is a highly personal process. We work with you to determine the best way to approach it based on your firm’s needs, time availability and budget.

Will my LawLytics site be mobile-friendly?

Yes. Your site will use the latest responsive design technology — the mobile-friendly method of displaying websites favored by search engines. This method ensures your site will look great, regardless of what device or screen size your potential clients use. When viewed in touch-enabled devices (smartphones and tablets), your site will respond to touch and swipe gestures. Your site will also be touch-to-call enabled.

Tell me about the included two-year design refreshes.

When you have a standard LawLytics law firm website design, you’ll be eligible for an optional free design refresh every two years of active LawLytics membership — just like a cell phone upgrade — for as long as you’re a member. You can exercise the option on each two-year anniversary, or any time thereafter.

During your design refresh, you’ll have the option to choose a new template, a new color scheme, and new homepage images.

Member Review

Attorney Shawn Hamp Reviews LawLytics

I strongly recommend LawLytics to other attorneys who want to build a new responsive website for their law firms. I have worked with many different website developers and WordPress built websites in the past. LawLytics surpasses them with great interactive web design that encourages easy content updates and a focus on web visitor experience. This has resulted in generating more potential clients for my firm.

Attorney Shawn Hamp

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