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Why attorneys love working with LawLytics

Lawlytics got me up and running with a website for my law firm in 48 hours, and for the next two years, I have repeatedly received compliments from other lawyers in the community on how professional it is, with requests for “tips” on how to improve theirs. It’s my little secret – Lawlytics designed a logo, taught me the best way to develop content, and guided me through how to generate business through the website. They do a great job of hand holding in the beginning but still “teaching you to fish for yourself” so that you can take over the reigns slowly but surely as your business grows. Customer service is top notch and unparalleled, and they provide cutting edge training on what is leading the industry so you can remain ahead of your peers on the internet. I highly recommend LawLytics.

Phoenix Harris


Their legal training combined with insight into online dynamics has helped our firm develop a strong web presence.

Dev Sethi

Attorney, Kinerk, Schmidt & Sethi

What’s been great is the ability to add pages and blog posts, and easily update our website in real time.

Neil Shouse

Attorney, Shouse Law

They are easy to work with and are genuinely concerned about generating business for our law firm.

Stephen P. Barnard


The Lawlytics team is great to work with and has unbelievable customer service. They are accessible by both phone and email to answer questions promptly, if not immediately. Working with Lawlytics has taken my web presence to a whole new level.

Geoffrey Burg


I think that LawLytics will be the “go to” tool for small law firms and solo lawyers.

Sean Black


I could not be more pleased and excited to be working with LawLytics. Lawlytics has helped bring my business persona to a whole new level and has taken away all of stress of “managing” my online presence.

Jeffrey Veitch


Everything that you need to create a professional webpage is right at your fingertips.

Kimberly Berry


Establishing a web presence using LawLytics is a very clean and user friendly experience. The ability to update the look and feel, add a blog post, edit content, edit attorney profile information and more is all very powerful and straightforward.

Steven Fagan

Attorney, Fagan Fagan and Davis

I like that LawLytics lets me completely control my web presence. Adding content is so easy that I decided to build a second site using LawLytics. It’s a great feeling to be in control of my firm’s web presence, and at the same time know that LawLytics keeps up with SEO advancements and takes care of all the behind the scenes technology for me.

James Charnesky


After the last Google update my other site on a different platform dropped in ranking while the site I have with LawLytics increased in rank.

Matt Marin


Before contacting Lawlytics I was working with a different website building + SEO company. This other company charged rates that made Scorpion and Findlaw’s rates look paltry. Long story short – pay more – get less. I switched to Lawlytics and couldn’t be more impressed.

Plus, my website was redesigned better than how the expensive company did it for me. Also, I find the platform that Lawlytics provides to be more user friendly and robust than the expensive company. When I hired the other company I was hoping for results. But, when I hired Lawlytics I felt like I was going to get results … and I felt like I knew how I was going to get them. Good job Lawlytics. I am immensely impressed with your work.

Nafiz Ahmed


I was paying three times as much as I am now paying and the higher payment to the old web group was bringing no results causing me to look for an alternative provider. The transfer was simple and took little to no effort on my part to have our page updated. Whenever we need assistance, it is prompt and efficient. The monthly payment is automatic and the opportunity to pay more for additional services, vs. what you want to do for yourself fits into my busy practice. Training opportunities are also offered and excellent.

Kathleen Carey


I was my own webmaster for 15 years, but the rapid evolution of the Web 2.0 made it impossible to keep up. I have been with LawLytics for several years, and couldn’t be happier with their service and the value they provide. My questions are answered promptly, and I am quite happy with their product. My thanks to everyone at LawLytics.

Thomas Hudson


LawLytics has delivered far and beyond my expectations. LawLytics is special because it does more than provide a product. I am so glad I listened to other attorneys’ recommendations and contacted this group first. Their emphasis on client education and building personal relationships between representatives and clients is unparalleled and they have made a long-term client out of me.

Allison Blackwelder


The number and quality of prospective client contacts to me (either by phone or e-mail)  have improved dramatically since I switched to LawLytics. I can point directly to significantly enhanced revenues as a result of LawLytics. Every single practice area has benefited from my switch to LawLytics.

Furthermore, the Lawlytics software is inherently user friendly, and Lawlytics personnel are always available if I require any assistance. 

Mark Johnson


By no means am I a computer expert and I have never built a website, but it is easy to add pages and content myself. It’s actually fun. When I need help the customer service at LawLytics is quick and very helpful.

Brian Leininger


I highly recommend the Lawlytics team to enhance the web presence of any law firm. I am very pleased with the results. The Lawlytics team has been easy to work with and I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.

Sean Cecil


I’m really enjoying the LawLytics system. It’s been a good fit for me because I feel like I have so much more control over my website than I used to with my old WordPress system.

Kevin Trombold


Not only do you receive thoughtful, insightful advice, you also receive the tools to self manage your site. The staff goes above and beyond to be available and pro-active. I am fortunate to have LawLytics in my corner.

Lynn Gorelick


I love the control I now I have over my website. The Web is constantly changing and knowing that I have LawLytics to guide me through the changes is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Amy Morell


Making the switch to LawLytics couldn’t have been easier. The LawLytics platform really is as user-friendly as it gets. With the top-notch customer service at LawLytics, I’ve been able to gain complete control of my website.

Matt Green


The talent, expertise, and dedication to excellence at LawLytics.com has been a breath of fresh air. Always easy to get a hold of, it personnel have performed above and beyond the call of duty. Based on my personal experience, I recommend it highly.

Robert Hamilton


We have been so pleased with our decision to utilize LawLytics for our website. LawLytics has the very best customer support anyone could hope for. From moving our site to help with improving our logo, we could not have expected more.

Kandi Riebe

Legal Assistant

I have loved working with LawLytics. From the first conversation I had with Gail to the support services anytime a question pops up. They have been professional, prompt and attentive to my needs. LawLytics offers a broad base of support from “full support” to very limited support depending on your technological know-how and needs. My website is often complemented by potential clients and other professionals. LawLytics makes both managing your site and improving your site an easy process and even enjoyable at times.

Elise Buie Family Law


Lawlytics takes the complications out of website administration and SEO, and their support staff responds instantly if you have questions. Great client service plus ease of managing our site makes Lawlytics services perfect for our firm.

Scot Goldberg


Fantastic solution for a lawyer’s website and more!!!

William Housley


LawLytics has been hosting my law firm’s website and helping us manage our content since they launched their service. They have provided several seminars over the years to help us have a better web presence and have always been more than willing to give advice and provide expertise any time we have asked them for help. Not only that, they have been very proactive in providing tips to make the whole experience with our website much simpler to manage.

Jeff Heutmaker


As a newly licensed attorney starting my own practice, I understood the vital importance of having a professional, optimized, mobile-friendly website. I spent months working with many different website designers, researching SEO, and studying Google webmaster guides, but just could not figure out how to get the website I needed. Then I found LawLytics.

The first time I called LawLytics, the owner of the company Dan Jaffe got on the phone with me. Where I had felt so lost searching for web design/SEO guidance, Dan immediately understood because he had been an attorney in my shoes before. It was very obvious that Dan was highly educated on websites and SEO and he patiently explained every question I had. I decided to give LawLytics a try and it was hands down the best choice I could have made.

The platform that Dan has built for websites is by far the easiest to use–way easier than WordPress–and every bit as beautiful. The company understands what is important for SEO and what is not, and they will guide you through every step. Their customer service is phenomenal and are always there when you need them. If you are an attorney in need of a website, there is no one better or more affordable than LawLytics.

Josh Valentine


I have been a long-time customer of Lawlytics.  I help run a thriving and growing full-service law firm.  My time is therefore stretched thin.  I rely heavily on Lawlytics to drive traffic to our firm’s website and to provide the marketing support that we need to help expand our brand and promote our firm.  Lawlytics has the resources and support that any size law firm can utilize to grow its business.

Tim Medcoff

Attorney, Farhang & Medcoff

Your user experience is so easy, even I can do it, and I just wanted you to know how satisfied I am, and your support personnel, particularly Adriano, have been spectacular.

Really looking forward to learning / doing more – AND, we have gotten 4 new lead inquiries in the past 48 hours!

Congrats on such a clean, simple format for people like me!

Kelly J. Madden

Marketing Director, Goldberg, Racila, D'Alessandro & Noone, LLC

I am getting the hang of all the features and I am soooo happy. What an excellent set up. I have so much in my control now, its fantastic. I’m very satisfied.

Andy Robertson


My advice to any lawyer who wants to grow their ROI without dealing with marketing headaches is to use LawLytics, go through their training, and follow their advice.

Colleen St. Claire


They are in-tune with small firms and solo practitioners like myself. They know my name and my goals.

John Tymczyszyn


In my opinion, Lawlytics’ focus on law firms sets it far apart. From the careful attention paid by the Lawlytics team during the transition to Lawlytics, to the intelligent and responsive customer service provided by the Lawlytics team, to the new-found freedom to create new content, I have found Lawlytics to be nothing short of the best website company I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you LawLytics!

Jeffrey Foster


I wanted a simple to use platform that gave me the ability to update my website, its content and design, and to blog.  LawLytics allows me to do all that quickly and easily. I could not be more pleased with the setup process, it was fast and very easy.  The staff at LawLytics were very good at answering any questions I had and at making sure I knew how to work with the platform.  I could not be happier with LawLytics and their staff.

David Jones


After signing on with Lawlytics, I watched my bottom-line increase within 1 month. More calls, more clients, and more impressions for my website.

William Bly


LawLytics generates more cases, more reliably, and with a far better ROI than anything else I’ve ever tried. LawLytics is the product that I’ve been waiting for. With LawLytics, I’m finally in control, and can make my firm’s web presence into what I want it to be.

Richard Lawson


With LawLytics, it simply works. LawLytics has empowered my practice, and the more I learn about the system, and through it, the more I learn about my own marketing, the more comfortable I feel that I will continue to be able to attract the kind of high-quality educated clients that I prefer to work with in my practice.

Aaron Wolff


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