About LawLytics

LawLytics is for law firms that want a professional website that integrates and evolves with the needs of their business.

There are four components of LawLytics:


LawLytics starts with the creation of your law firm’s website. The process is turn-key and done for you. You can start with a brand new website or have us import and improve your firm’s existing website.


Our technology hosts your website and puts you in control. You can easily add and remove content and manage your leads. We handle the maintenance, backups, security, and all technical details for you.


We help you develop a strategy to efficiently meet your firm’s goals. This results in your law firm’s website becoming a sustainable money-making asset that predictably produces the business you want.


We help you turn your website into a business-generating asset with the most effective content marketing techniques. You can easily create your own content or have it done for you.

LawLytics Makes Law Firm Websites Easy

Save Time

LawLytics is built exclusively for law firms and requires no tech experience, so attorneys don’t struggle or miss opportunities.

Save Money

It’s priced so you can grow your firm without worry, and so you’ll never overextend by buying services you don’t need.

Market Smarter

It focuses your firm’s marketing on what works and helps you avoid costly mistakes, so you’ll get sustainable results.

The following are included with LawLytics:

High Conversion Designs

Law firm website designs based on legal-specific conversion science.


Unlimited Publishing

There’s no limit on how big you can grow your website.

Freedom Of Choice

No long-term contract required. Change service levels on the fly.

Smart Forms

Unlimited forms. Strategically collect and distribute information.


100% desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone compatible.


Unlimited Videos

Drag-and-drop mobile-compatible video hosting. No limits.

Exclusive Hosting

Hosted on our high-performance attorneys-only platform.


Website Security

Security and backups are built in, so you’ll never have to worry.

On-Demand Reports

Easy to read and understand. Streamlined for lawyers.

Unlimited Support

Our responsive team of legal marketing experts is here for you.

Automatic Updates

You’ll always have the latest version of LawLytics.

Design Guarantee

Your sites will be compatible with the latest browsers.

Loved by thousands of lawyers.

We love empowering lawyers to effectively market their practices online.

The customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Everyone at Lawlytics is experienced, professional, friendly, and helpful. All my concerns and questions have been addressed and answered to my satisfaction. I am very pleased with the results. Kudos.

Ronald Fichera

You guys rock! Clients compliment the website you guys built for me all of the time.

Clifton Mount

After 28 years as an attorney I can say with total confidence that LawLytics provides the best customer service to lawyers.  If you are looking for a company to provide a website for you as a small law firm they are simply the best.  I have been with many internet service providers over the years and LawLytics has exceeded them all. I like the user interface and the platform and find it very easy to use and logical. I am so pleased with the educational support that they provide and the positive vibration and energy that resonates through their culture.  My only regret is that I did not find them many years ago.  Thanks LawLytics so very much, I am honored to be a member

Allan Friedman

Their legal training combined with insight into online dynamics has helped our firm develop a strong web presence.

Dev Sethi

Lawlytics has an effective and efficient process and helped me actually enjoy the transition from my prior web site hosting service to their membership based web hosting platform. A+++ for all the team members and product! The result was a cleaner more attractive web site that I can now manage and improve as needed in real-time.

John Lewis

I love the control I now I have over my website. The Web is constantly changing and knowing that I have LawLytics to guide me through the changes is a huge weight off my shoulders.

Amy Morell

LawLytics got me up and running with a website for my law firm. I have repeatedly received compliments from other lawyers in the community on how professional it is, with requests for “tips” on how to improve theirs. It’s my little secret – Lawlytics designed a logo, taught me the best way to develop content, and guided me through how to generate business through the website. Customer service is top notch and unparalleled, and they provide cutting edge training on what is leading the industry so you can remain ahead of your peers on the internet. I highly recommend LawLytics.

Phoenix Harris

They are easy to work with and are genuinely concerned about generating business for our law firm.

Stephen P. Barnard

The Lawlytics team is great to work with and has unbelievable customer service. They are accessible by both phone and email to answer questions promptly, if not immediately. Working with Lawlytics has taken my web presence to a whole new level.

Geoffrey Burg

After having spent incredible amounts of time and money for other professionals to create and manage my websites over the years, LawLytics came along and made them all obsolete. Can it really be this easy? Lawlytics is the future and lays bare the mystique of web management.

Sean Black

The Lawlytics team is easy to work with, and the weekly seminars are another feature.

Keith Langer

I could not be more pleased and excited to be working with LawLytics. Lawlytics has helped bring my business persona to a whole new level and has taken away all of stress of “managing” my online presence.

Jeffrey Veitch

Everything that you need to create a professional webpage is right at your fingertips.

Kimberly Berry

Establishing a web presence using LawLytics is a very clean and user friendly experience. The ability to update the look and feel, add a blog post, edit content, edit attorney profile information and more is all very powerful and straightforward.

Steven Fagan

I like that LawLytics lets me completely control my web presence. Adding content is so easy that I decided to build a second site using LawLytics. It’s a great feeling to be in control of my firm’s web presence, and at the same time know that LawLytics keeps up with SEO advancements and takes care of all the behind the scenes technology for me.

James Charnesky

After the last Google update my other site on a different platform dropped in ranking while the site I have with LawLytics increased in rank.

Matt Marin

Excellent support, information, and attention throughout the website build process.

Jeffrey Kaloustian

Excellent product and extremely helpful people helping me, a novice, get set up.

Leslie Shumake

Thank you LawLytics! I was struggling to get my website up and feeling very overwhelmed. I finally made the smart decision to use LawLytics and am thrilled with the finished product. The process was fast and painless thanks to very helpful guidance and support from LawLytics staff. My site looks amazing and will be easy for me to update and add content to in the future. Don’t hesitate like I did – sign up with LawLytics now, you won’t regret it!

Patricia Fulton

Very easy to use and very responsive support.

Paul Pfeilschiefter

This was the easiest website I have ever put together. I like the fact that I can make changes when I want to very easily and build up my google rankings. I also enjoy the LawLytics seminars.
Kathleen Donnelly

I have had an extremely positive and productive relationship with LawLytics. I have transferred existing websites to their platform and built new websites from the ground up using their highly skilled experts and the easy-to-use admin panel. This platform allows you total control of your website and you don’t have to be a web expert to manage it.

I highly recommend LawLytics to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand platform. I have used a litany of web hosts and web developers over the years, LawLytics has provided our law firm with the finest service and product of any of them.

William Kirk

Lawlytics has been absolutely fantastic. The fees are transparent, the customer service is friendly and responsive, and the finished product is outstanding. Truly a remarkable service for law firms.

Addison Waid

Excellent in all regards thanks so much!

Peter Bohan

LawLytics is well worth the investment. My site has consistently appeared on the first page for internet searches in my area.

Vern Smith

The number and quality of prospective client contacts to me (either by phone or e-mail)  have improved dramatically since I switched to LawLytics. I can point directly to significantly enhanced revenues as a result of LawLytics. Every single practice area has benefited from my switch to LawLytics.

Furthermore, the Lawlytics software is inherently user friendly, and Lawlytics personnel are always available if I require any assistance.

Mark Johnson

By no means am I a computer expert and I have never built a website, but it is easy to add pages and content myself. It’s actually fun. When I need help the customer service at LawLytics is quick and very helpful.

Brian Leininger

In the period of time I have been with LawLytics, my business has improved and my costs have been vastly reduced.

I wish I had discovered LawLytics many, many years and many, many thousands of dollars ago.

Andrew Segal

I highly recommend the Lawlytics team to enhance the web presence of any law firm. I am very pleased with the results. The Lawlytics team has been easy to work with and I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.

Sean Cecil

Not only do you receive thoughtful, insightful advice, you also receive the tools to self manage your site. The staff goes above and beyond to be available and pro-active. I am fortunate to have LawLytics in my corner.

Lynn Gorelick

Making the switch to LawLytics couldn’t have been easier. The LawLytics platform really is as user friendly as it gets. With the top-notch customer service at LawLytics, I’ve been able to gain complete control of my website.

Matt Green

The talent, expertise, and dedication to excellence at LawLytics has been a breath of fresh air. Always easy to get a hold of, it personnel have performed above and beyond the call of duty. Based on my personal experience, I recommend it highly.

Robert Hamilton

I have loved working with LawLytics. They have been professional, prompt and attentive to my needs. My website is often complemented by potential clients and other professionals. LawLytics makes both managing your site and improving your site an easy process and even enjoyable at times.

Elise Buie

I strongly recommend LawLytics to other attorneys who want to build a new responsive website for their law firms. I have worked with many different website developers in the past. LawLytics surpasses them with great interactive web design that encourages easy content updates and a focus on web visitor experience. This has resulted in generating more potential clients for my firm.

Shawn Hamp

Staff are friendly, pleasant and very competent.

Von Williams

Best customer service and ease of use.

Renee Kendall

Love the new look of our website and customer service is extremely helpful.

Randall Hugo

I spent months working with many different website designers, researching SEO, and studying Google webmaster guides, but just could not figure out how to get the website I needed. Then I found LawLytics.

The company understands what is important for SEO and what is not, and they will guide you through every step. Their customer service is phenomenal and are always there when you need them. If you are an attorney in need of a website, there is no one better or more affordable than LawLytics.

Josh Valentine

Y’all made my website SO BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!!!! LawLytics has been THE SINGLE GREATEST move that I made since starting my law practice. I mean that.

Erik Fine

I am getting the hang of all the features and I am soooo happy. What an excellent set up. I have so much in my control now, its fantastic. I’m very satisfied.

Andy Robertson

They are in-tune with small firms and solo practitioners like myself. They know my name and my goals.

John Tymczyszyn

In my opinion, Lawlytics’ focus on law firms sets it far apart. From the careful attention paid by the Lawlytics team during the transition to Lawlytics, to the intelligent and responsive customer service provided by the Lawlytics team, to the new-found freedom to create new content, I have found Lawlytics to be nothing short of the best website company I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you LawLytics!

Jeffrey Foster

I wanted a simple to use platform that gave me the ability to update my website, its content and design, and to blog.  LawLytics allows me to do all that quickly and easily. I could not be more pleased with the setup process, it was fast and very easy.  The staff at LawLytics were very good at answering any questions I had and at making sure I knew how to work with the platform.  I could not be happier with LawLytics and their staff.

David Jones

LawLytics generates more cases, more reliably, and with a far better ROI than anything else I’ve ever tried. LawLytics is the product that I’ve been waiting for. With LawLytics, I’m finally in control, and can make my firm’s web presence into what I want it to be.

Richard Lawson

With LawLytics, it simply works. LawLytics has empowered my practice, and the more I learn about the system, and through it, the more I learn about my own marketing, the more comfortable I feel that I will continue to be able to attract the kind of high-quality educated clients that I prefer to work with in my practice.

Aaron Wolff

I was paying three times as much as I am now paying and the higher payment to the old web group was bringing no results causing me to look for an alternative provider. The transfer was simple and took little to no effort on my part to have our page updated. Whenever we need assistance, it is prompt and efficient. The monthly payment is automatic and the opportunity to pay more for additional services, vs. what you want to do for yourself fits into my busy practice. Training opportunities are also offered and excellent.

Kathleen Carey

Combine their easy to use platform with their abundant knowledge and resources, LawLytics is simply the best legal website platform lawyers can use. The LawLytics team provide a wealth of knowledge to ensure your website is optimized for organic and SEO search algorithms. The LawLytics team has been extremely generous with their time in understanding my goals, and guiding me through the process to achieve my goals.

Doug Murphy

Been a very easy process. White glove all the way. I feel like I’m getting a lot for my money. If someone has worked with agencies in the past and been fleeced for thousands and gotten no results or control over the product, then LawLytics will be a relief!

Jaye Lindsay

Selecting vendors to help you run or market a law practice can be difficult and risky. Lawlytics is by far the best choice I have made. My website is vastly improved and will only get better over time. Every Lawlytics team member I had contact with was outstanding. They are knowledgable and client-focused … they genuinely are dedicated to providing the best service possible. Thank you!

Jason Johnson

I was my own webmaster for 15 years, but the rapid evolution of the Web 2.0 made it impossible to keep up. I have been with LawLytics for several years, and couldn’t be happier with their service and the value they provide. My questions are answered promptly, and I am quite happy with their product. My thanks to everyone at LawLytics.

Thomas Hudson

LawLytics has been hosting my law firm’s website and helping us manage our content since they launched their service. They have provided several seminars over the years to help us have a better web presence and have always been more than willing to give advice and provide expertise any time we have asked them for help. Not only that, they have been very proactive in providing tips to make the whole experience with our website much simpler to manage.

Jeff Heutmaker

Discover why LawLytics is the leading website platform for law firms.