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Why Lawyers Choose LawLytics to Start a New Website

We help lawyers build a strong foundation so they will never miss opportunities, overpay, or wonder what to do next. Lawyers who start with LawLytics grow to love their marketing because they experience predictable and explainable results. Lawyers choose to start their websites with LawLytics for many reasons, including:

To Have a More Scalable Website

LawLytics removes the growth limitations inherent in full-service agencies and general DIY website builders.

To Save Time and Money

The efficiencies built into our lawyers-only platform makes legal marketing easier and less expensive.

To Convert Clients at a Lower Cost

LawLytics turns law firm websites into marketing assets that produce efficient short and long-term revenue.

To Attract More Qualified PNCs

Our platform, strategy, and websites are market-tested and proven to predictably attract potential clients.

To Control Their Marketing

Agencies hide the ball and general DIY software is difficult for lawyers to use. LawLytics makes it easy.


To Get Up and Running Fast

We can launch your new law firm website fast, usually in as little as two weeks.

Getting Started is Fast and Easy

If you’re starting a new firm or need a new website for an existing firm, we have a proven track record for quick launches that make your firm look great and set you up for marketing success. For new websites, our process generally follows these steps:

1. Interactive Demo

The process begins by scheduling a demo. We’ll show you how LawLytics works and let you experience it in action. If there’s a good match, we can move forward.

2. Create

We’ll design and build your new LawLytics website, including a logo if you need one for your firm.  Your site will be built to meet your marketing goals.

3. Launch

Once your site is done and you’ve tested it in the safety of the LawLytics control panel, it’s time to launch. We’ll take care of all the technical details.

4. Grow

With your new LawLytics website, you’ll be able to grow as rapidly as you decide. And as you grow and your goals evolve, we’ll be here supporting you.

Your LawLytics Website Will Be

Hosted On Our Lawyers-Only Platform

We serve the legal community exclusively.


Search Engine Friendly

Attract free traffic with built-in SEO features.

Fast Loading

It’s good for your clients and the search engines.

Client Friendly

Our sites are designed to convert visitors into clients.

Universally Compatible

Our sites are 100% computer, tablet, and phone compatible.



All websites include native SSL security.

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