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Larry Bodine Discusses Legal Marketing

Larry Bodine recently wrote an interesting article. In his piece, “You’ll Hear From Our Lawyers! (Online),” Larry discusses the fiercely competitive legal profession that has led attorneys to increase their investment in marketing and business... read more

Why Your Law Firm Website Needs A Built-In Blog

Blogging helps lawyers find new clients online. It increases your exposure to potential clients, it gives them more reasons to trust you and to see you as an authority in your practice area, it helps them make the decision to reach out to you, and for some lawyers,... read more

The 5 Best Ways To Title A Law Firm Blog Post

What makes a good blog post? A well-defined topic and outline, engaging copy, a memorable message — these elements can add up to web visitors who read your posts and contact your law firm. But if you feel your blog isn’t getting as much interest as it... read more

Facebook, AI, & The Future of Law Firm Websites

Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious New Year’s resolution is one step closer to reality. In early January, the Facebook CEO announced he wanted to build an intelligent personal assistant (IPA). “My personal challenge for 2016 is to build a simple AI to run my home... read more

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