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3 Ways to Make Your Law Firm’s Website Design User Friendly

Effective law firm website design is part art, part science, and crucial to making the right impression on visitors. The design elements on your law firm’s website need to have a function and a purpose that benefits your potential clients. Here are three ways to make sure that your law firm’s website is designed with your potential clients in mind.

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Creating Local Pages That Drive New Business To Your Law Firm

Local pages help drive targeted, local traffic to your law firm’s website, as well as help potential clients quickly identify where your firm is located, whether you understand them and their needs, and whether you can help them solve their problem. Here’s what you need to know about getting started with local pages.

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How Lawyers Can Benefit From Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective and efficient way for solo practitioners and small law firms to drive new potential clients to their law practices. But for content marketing to be effective for attorneys, it has to be approached strategically. Here are three quick tips on how to make content marketing work for your law firm.

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Creating a Law Firm Website That Beats the Competition

When your law firm’s website balances form and function, it’s much more likely to attract potential clients and encourage them to reach out to your firm when they’re ready to contact an attorney. In this blog post, we take a holistic look at how to create a law firm website that engages potential clients and puts you ahead of the competition.

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Three Steps to Fix Your Online Legal Marketing

When it’s done right, online marketing puts you in the driver’s seat, keeps you from wasting time and money, and ensures that you have the data that you need to make informed decisions about your law firm’s online marketing. Here’s how to get the most out of your law firm’s online marketing.

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How to Refresh Your Law Firm’s Website

One of the fundamental keys to law firm website performance is the website’s content. That’s what will convert website visitors into new clients. To make content work for your law firm, you need to make sure your content is updated on a regular basis.

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Law Firm Landing Pages Best Practices

Landing pages are website pages designated as the destination for paid advertisements — typically pay-per-click ads, display ads, and social media ads. When somebody clicks on your ad, the landing page is what they see. When one of your viable potential clients clicks...

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