3 Tips For Writing Better Law Firm Case Results

by Jul 19, 2017

Case results should help a potential client see why you are the right attorney to handle their case or matter.

Well-written case results can inspire confidence and trust and ultimately help generate new business. Many law firm case results are an uninspiring list of victories, verdict amounts, dismissals or not guilty verdicts. These simple lists lack the context and emotional impact that helps develop potential clients’ confidence and trust.

Here are three tips for creating compelling case results that can engage potential clients and help bring in new business.

1. Think about what your potential clients need

Your potential clients have a hierarchy of needs. They want to know how much you will care about them and their problem and how enthusiastic you will be in helping them. Only then do they care about what you have accomplished. As the old saying goes, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Like other pages on your law firm website, your case results can humanize you and help potential clients develop a personal connection with your law firm.

Your case results pages are an opportunity to talk about what motivated you to take that client’s case and why it was important to you. Explaining why you fought hard for your prior clients can help potential clients see that you will also care deeply about them and about their case or matter.

You can also talk about the journey and the challenges that you faced along the way to achieving that positive result. If you only talk about the results, potential clients may not know how hard you worked to achieve those results.

By explaining how hard you worked for past clients, you can help potential clients see that you will also be enthusiastic about their case or matter.

2. Provide enough context to tell a compelling story

Your potential clients will view your case results through the lens of their own situation. Your law firm’s case results should have enough context that your potential client can relate to the story.  

Thinking about the following questions can help you add depth to your case results and make them more compelling: How did your client feel about the situation? What was at stake for them? How did the positive results affect them?

For example, a personal injury case results pages could include the following kinds of information:

  • How and where the injury occurred. Did the injury occur while the client was driving home from work? Or while giving birth to their eagerly-anticipated first child? Details bring the story to life and make it more relatable for potential clients.
  • How the injury affected your client, both physically and emotionally. Was your client unable to work and provide for their family after the injury? Were they scared of losing their home due to mounting medical bills? Were they no longer able to do things they once passionately enjoyed? Those details provide emotional depth to the story.
  • The long-term impact of your work. Were they able to keep their house? Can they comfortably provide for their family? Were they able to pay for the medical care they needed in order to resume their work or favorite activities? This helps demonstrate that not only did you help the client address their immediate problem, but that your work had long-lasting positive benefits.

Providing this information helps potential clients see that you have helped others with problems like theirs in the past and are therefore well-equipped to help them with their problem.

3. Structure your law firm’s case results effectively

Make it easy for potential clients to browse through your case results to find information that’s most relevant to them. This is particularly important if your law firm handles multiple practice areas.

We recommend creating a dedicated page for each result and having an index page that lists and links to all of your results. On each individual results page, give clients the ability to browse from one result to the next. (The LawLytics system does this automatically for you.)

Creating case results that convert clients

Our on-demand Case Results Clinic can help you craft compelling case results pages that inspire clients to trust, contact and ultimately hire your law firm.

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