4 Reasons To Invest More Time In Your Law Firm Website FAQ Page

by Jul 7, 2017

Are you considering adding a FAQ page to your law firm website, but you’re not sure if it would be a worthwhile investment of your time and effort? Maybe you already have a FAQ page but you haven’t updated or expanded it in a long time.

Here are four reasons you may want to consider investing more time in your law firm FAQ page.

1. FAQ pages can encourage potential clients to contact your law firm

Like other evergreen pages on your law firm’s website, a well-crafted FAQ page can provide useful information to potential clients and help establish your law firm’s subject matter expertise. This can establish a bond of trust before a website visitor ever contacts your law firm.

By providing answers to their questions, a FAQ page can help potential clients see that you understand their problem and can potentially help them find a solution.

If your FAQ page is written in a way that a potential client can easily understand, it can make your law firm seem helpful and approachable. This can make a potential client who may be nervous or embarrassed feel more comfortable contacting your law firm.

To increase the likelihood that potential clients will take the next step and contact your firm, make it easy for them to do so. Include a contact form or your contact information (or both) on your FAQ page. 

2. FAQ pages can improve your law firm website’s visibility

People often use search engines to find answers to specific, complicated questions. This is also true of your potential clients, who use Google to ask specific, complicated questions related to their case or problem.

By providing useful, detailed answers to those questions on your law firm website, you can increase the likelihood that your website will appear in search engine results for searches related to those questions or topics.

For example, a person arrested for a DUI in California might ask the following types of questions:

  • Can I still drive after a DUI in San Francisco?
  • How long does a DUI stay on your record in California?
  • What happens if you get a DUI under 21 in California?

Creating a law firm FAQ page that answers those types of questions can increase the likelihood that your law firm’s website will be a relevant match for a search engine user’s query.

If you are just getting started writing an FAQ page, it is useful to think about the questions your actual clients have asked in the past. For every person who has actually asked you that question, there are likely many more people who are wondering the same thing.

If you’re struggling with what to write about on your law firm FAQ page, see our blog “Creating Law Firm Website Content That Potential Clients Will Read.”

3. Law firm FAQ pages are efficient (for you and your potential clients)

FAQ pages help potential clients find answers to multiple questions quickly and efficiently.

For example, a potential client for a DUI firm may visit the law firm’s website looking for information about breath or blood tests, but they may also be interested in learning about field sobriety tests or their rights at a traffic stop.

FAQ pages, practice area pages, detailed law pages, and blog posts can all provide in-depth answers to your potential clients’ questions. But your potential clients may not want an in-depth answer (or they may not want it quite yet). They may just be getting started learning about their case or matter, and they may want quick answers that can help them better understand what their options are.

A good FAQ page is a good way to provide quick, targeted answers to potential client’s questions.

Your FAQ page can also provide more in-depth answers to potential client’s questions. It is helpful to structure your FAQ page so that the most frequently asked questions are most prominent, then give website visitors opportunities to drill down to get answers to more specific questions.

FAQ pages can also be an efficient use of your time and resources. If you’re just getting started with your law firm’s website and you don’t have time to write a detailed blog post answering each frequently asked question, you may be able to provide more succinct answers via a FAQ page. This can be helpful if you are just launching your site or still building out the content in other parts of your law firm’s website.

Over time, as you add more content to your law firm website, you can expand your FAQs to provide more in-depth answers and link to more detailed explanations in other areas of your law firm’s website and blog.

4. FAQ pages can help manage client expectations

FAQ pages can provide answers to common questions about how a potential client will interact with your firm. Your FAQ page can answer questions about fees, timelines, and what potential clients can expect when they visit your office.

A potential client may have unrealistic expectations about outcomes, how they will work with your law firm, how long it may take to address their case or matter. A FAQ page can help manage those expectations by providing a level of transparency that can help align their expectations with your services.

Create law firm website content that informs and engages potential clients

Well-written FAQs and other evergreen pages can entertain, engage, inform and ultimately convert law firm website visitors into clients and referral sources.

Our on-demand webinar, “Creating Effective Substantive Evergreen Pages for Your Law Firm’s Website,” can help you learn how to turn these pages into an effective new business generator for your law firm.

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