Four Tips for Naming Your Law Firm: Podcast Episode 39

Jun 28, 2018 | Podcast

Starting (or rebranding) your law firm is an exciting time, and choosing a name is one of the first steps. It’s also a big decision.

The name that you choose will shape the public’s opinion about your firm, and it will be seen on just about everything that’s associated with your firm. Your law firm’s name is likely to be the cornerstone of all of your future marketing efforts, so the name you choose will have a direct effect on how those efforts are carried out.

So how do you choose a name for your law firm that’s memorable, long-lasting, and able to grow with your firm over time?

Tune into this episode to discover four tips that will help you choose a law firm name that works.

For an in-depth look at naming your law firm, including both traditional and non-traditional names, read our eBook, “How to Name Your Law Firm.

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