“A Terrific Solution”: Attorney Shawn Hamp’s Success Story

Curious to know how LawLytics has performed for other attorneys, and what makes us the most effective and affordable website solution for solos and small law firms?

We sat down with attorney Shawn Hamp, owner of Hamp Law Offices in Northern Arizona, to discuss how LawLytics has helped him get closer to his digital marketing goals and drive business to his firm online. 

Why He Made the Switch

“LawLytics was started by an attorney and [they] know the needs of attorneys.”

When Shawn first established his criminal defense practice, Hamp Law Offices, he was very hands-on with both his marketing and business development. This included building his own website and educating himself on SEO best practices and with the help of DIY web builders and freelance web developers, Shawn was able to create a website that served the initial needs of his firm.

However, as the demands of his practice grew, Shawn realized that he needed more from his law firm website. He now needed a dependable website that was easy to update and maintain with as little effort and cost as possible. That’s when he found LawLytics, and he has been a member ever since. Five years and counting! 

With LawLytics, Shawn immediately saw the difference that attorney-specific technology can make when maintaining his website. He reported that the technology “really was cognizant” for his editing and updating needs, and noted that he “had enough hands-on experience to know that LawLytics offered a really reasonable price point.” 

Content Marketing Best Practices with LawLytics

“LawLytics was built with the goal of providing great websites that take advantage of an SEO content strategy.”

Due to his earlier experience with content marketing and SEO, Shawn has been very happy with his ability to “take advantage of the… opportunities that content marketing has” with LawLytics. With the ability to quickly add content to his website, Shawn doesn’t have to wait for a web provider to make changes, or he can even delegate the task to someone else in his office.  Without the need for coding or technical experience, anyone who is familiar with a standard word processor is able to contribute to the website content. 

The Difference of Expert Support and Strategy

“The customer support [has] always been great.”

We often hear from attorneys that they are being charged at a premium by their digital marketing providers for simple maintenance and updates to their law firm websites. Because some attorneys lack technical knowledge, they can be taken advantage of by bad actors who are looking to charge customers excessively for their website build and maintenance. 

Although Shawn is more of a self-starter when it comes to the technical aspects of his website, he still has occasional needs that require a more experienced coding ability. With LawLytics, Shawn has enjoyed the ability to get on-demand service and support for his website’s “special code, projects, and add-ons” at no additional cost to him. Not only are these services included in his monthly membership fee, but they are done without delay allowing Shawn to focus on running his practice.

Seamless Design and Setup

“There’s a good transition team to get you up and running.”

Whether you need a brand new website or you’d like to import an existing website, LawLytics makes it quick and seamless. In our interview, Shawn told us that LawLytics was able to get him “up and running… at a tenth of the cost” compared to other website providers, praising the setup team for making this “very easy to do.” In addition to importing content from his previous website, Shawn was able to easily migrate over his brand identity and find a design that was modern and cohesive with his practice. 

Would You Recommend Us to A Friend?

“I have recommend a lot of my colleagues and a lot of my friends who are law firm owners.”

Shawn said he’s recommended a lot of his colleagues to LawLytics. He also warns them of bad actors, saying LawLytics is the solution “if you want something that’s affordable that you can get up and running quickly [without being] at the mercy of a web developer.” Cost is another area of importance to Shawn – while initially hesitant to make the switch, he “realized it was a terrific solution” after talking with the LawLytics team and learning more about our flat fee with no hidden costs.

Shawn’s Results

“Over half of my potential clients come organically through my website.”

In the early days of managing his law firm website, Shawn educated himself on SEO strategy to get the most out of his online presence. One thing that drew him to LawLytics was our alignment with SEO best practices for growing his web presence. After being a LawLytics member for over five years, he told us that “SEO is still an important strategy for law firms” and reported “over half of [his] potential clients come organically through [his] website,” something he contributes to his SEO strategy. 

Our unlimited value and dedication to excellence is what makes LawLytics trusted by over 1500 solos and small law firms like Hamp Law Offices. If you’re interested in seeing the technology in action, we encourage you to schedule an interactive demo with a product expert.


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