Creating Law Firm Website Page Titles That Matter to Your Potential Clients

by May 5, 2019

Your website’s practice area pages and blogs should have compelling titles that engage your potential clients. But titles aren’t always easy to come by. In fact, they can be the hardest part to write of any given webpage if you are thinking in terms of strategy. In this post, we’ll tell you:

  • Why titles are so important (and why they can be an important part of your content strategy);
  • How to create compelling and strategic titles; and
  • Examples to help you with the process.

Why Law Firm Web Page Titles Are So Important

Think of your content as an interview with a potential client. A webpage’s title can be the first impression your client will have of you — just like your appearance at an interview.

Titles are likely the first thing your potential clients will see of a web page’s content (and — by extension — your website, too, if the audience member is so intrigued that she or he wants to inquire more into what you offer and what you have to say).

When a person enters a query on a search engine, and your webpage or blog appears as part of the search results, the first thing that pops up is the title of your piece in big, bold letters. The title that is most appealing is the one they will click on, and if it isn’t your content or blog, then that’s a lost opportunity for you.

But a search via a search engine is not always the first place a potential client comes across your content or blog. If you publish your blogs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media outlet, the same is true: the first impression that potential clients experience will be the title of your piece.

What Makes a Compelling Law Firm Web Page Title?

Practice area pages will generally stay constant apart from updates from time to time and as relevant. Consider including:

  • The main subject matter;
  • Your law firm’s brand;
  • Any other relevant keywords; and
  • Any relevant geographical or local context.

For example, if your practice area page subject matter is criminal defense, then you don’t want it to simply read: “Criminal Defense” — the subject is there, but you need additional context to help potential clients find you and compel them to engage with your content. Instead, try:

  • Tenacious Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston, Texas
  • Resourceful Estate Planning Lawyer in Orange County CA
  • Compassionate Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys Fighting for Your Compensation
  • Proactive, Pragmatic Boston Business Lawyers Handling Your Contracts

In the above, you get:

✅ Practice law area subject (e.g., personal injury, estate planning, criminal defense)

✅ Brand (e.g., compassionate — that’s your approach to personal injury clients)

✅ Keyword (e.g., attorney — it’s one an important search term alongside the practice)

✅ Geographical target (e.g., Oregon)

Creating Naturally Flowing Blog Titles

Blogs are often used to expand on the nuances of your practice areas. They are also often used to address current events and answer common questions. You’ll want to think like your clients. What questions are they asking? What specific aspects of the law do they want details on? Then come up with a natural-sounding title. You want to have all of the above criteria in the title still. Consider longtail titles that come to mind naturally and using words that also come across naturally.

Here are some examples:

Scenario Instead of: Try this (longtail version):
The internet user is injured in a car wreck, but she was on the phone when it happened. She is worried she won’t be compensated if it’s found out. Compensation for Car Accident Personal Injuries in Nashville TN Can I still get compensation for my injury in an accident in Nashville if I was on the phone?
The internet user just got divorced, has a good job, and lots of assets. She wants to change her will. Estate Planning Attorney in Montana How do I change my will after a divorce in Montana?
The internet user was just pulled over for a DUI with his minor child in the vehicle. DUI with Minor in Texas Arrested for a DUI in Texas. Will my child be taken from me?

By using longtail titles, you will attract potential clients with those specific questions who are looking for answers. Satisfied that they’ve gotten an answer to their question — and likely wanting to know more — they will continue to browse your website for more valuable content.

As a result, the potential client will be more inclined to contact you over your competition because you are answering their questions and building trust.

So grab their attention, create a great first impression with your titles, and bring in the clients one click at a time.

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