“Hands down LawLytics is the way to go.” Attorney Josh Valentine’s LawLytics Story

Attorney Josh Valentine, owner of Caulder & Valentine Law Firm in North Carolina, has been a member of LawLytics for over seven years. Before joining LawLytics in 2016, the Family Law and Personal Injury practice was struggling with DIY website builders and sinking money into paid advertising campaigns that weren’t sustainable. 

When Josh and his partners found LawLytics, they were ready for a website solution that could help them implement an effective and lasting online marketing strategy. They quickly realized that LawLytics was the answer – a company and technology that seamlessly aligned with their technical abilities, business style, and growth goals. 

Easy to Use

“The backend [is] set up like a Word document.”

While Josh considers himself tech-savvy, he didn’t go to school for web design and has learned much of what he needed to about digital marketing on the fly. That’s why, when Josh discovered how easy it is to maintain his website with LawLytics, he was eager to ditch his old website builder. One of the first features of LawLytics that drew him in was how he could publish his own website content “without having to wait on [a] developer.” As a busy attorney, the ease and quickness in which Josh could get content on his website was vital to helping his firm stay on track with their digital marketing goals. 

Today, Josh has the flexibility to create content on his own, delegate content to an outside source via his ghostwriting controls, or even utilize the LawLytics content generator for quick, ready-to-publish practice area content. All of this and more has contributed to his firm’s bandwidth for pursuing better online visibility and resulting in more business for their practice.

On-Demand Design Refreshes

“The website is the first impression.”

Reflecting on the early days of Caulder & Valentine, Josh recalled how he made it a priority for his firm to have the most up-to-date website and web presence, and how he had more time back then to dedicate to that priority. Over the years, as his priorities shifted more to serving his clients, Josh was able to lean on the on-demand website design refreshes that LawLytics offers free of charge. Not only can Josh still pursue the most modern and attractive look for his practice, but he doesn’t have to take away time from his clients to do so. 

Superior Support

“The customer service has been phenomenal.”

Although LawLytics helps attorneys gain control and independence in managing their digital presence, sometimes you just need some support – and we’re here to help. For Josh and his partners at Caulder & Valentine, the LawLytics support team has made a world of difference. Over the seven years Josh has been with LawLytics, he tells us they have reached out “on numerous occasions and have had no problem getting [a response] in minutes.” 

Get Real Results

“Every day, dozens of people reach out to us.”

Before joining LawLytics, Caulder & Valentine were using a popular DIY website builder that “wasn’t very functional” and they continuously sank their marketing budget into paid advertising campaigns that weren’t sustainable or effective long-term. However, since gaining the freedom and control to pursue a content-based SEO marketing strategy with LawLytics, they continue to see optimal results for their practice. 

Because the firm can easily publish content independently, with an outside source, or using the LawLytics content library, sustaining a content-based marketing strategy has been realistic and cost-effective even for a team of busy attorneys. As a result, Josh reports their website performs “pretty high on Google rankings” and features like our “tremendously useful” contact forms generate “dozens of people reaching out” to the firm daily.

Take Josh’s Word for It

“Hands down LawLytics is the way to go.”

At the end of the day, Josh tells us that he “would recommend LawLytics to any of [his] colleagues” for three reasons:

  1. There’s no hidden fees. Josh recalls that “from day one,” LawLytics founder and CEO Dan Jaffe promised him a flat fee for his website with consistent updates on the backend and secure, cloud-based hosting that he can rely on. 
  2. You don’t need a technical background. When Josh found LawLytics, he was done with dealing with clunky, DIY website builders that were difficult to manage and upkeep. He recommends LawLytics to his fellow attorneys that “have no knowledge of website design or coding” who are looking for the freedom and control of managing their online presence. 
  3. On-demand design refreshes. For Josh, the accessibility of a total website design refresh at no extra cost is of paramount importance. Having a modern and attractive website is essential to his online presence, and he’s grateful to LawLytics that he never has to pay “thousands or even tens of thousands to some designer” every couple of years. 

If you’re ready for a website solution that is attorney-specific, effective, and puts you in control, it’s time to make the switch to LawLytics. Take Josh’s word for it: “LawLytics is for any attorney who wants to make a big splash on the internet and really grow their business.”

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