How to Use Google’s AI-Powered Search Tool for Better Legal Marketing

Published: 10.10.2023

Host: Drew Mancini

In response to the growing popularity of ChatGPT and other numerous AI tools, Google has thrown their hat into the ring with the addition of an AI-powered search generative experience for its users earlier this year.

To compete with the information exchange that is experienced when using AI software such as ChatGPT, Google aims to “reduce the number of steps it takes for the searcher to accomplish a task or complete a goal with this new tool.” When considering the primary goal of your law firm website, which is to deliver information and give potential clients a way to get in touch, it prompts us to wonder: What can lawyers learn from Google’s latest tool?

In this episode of the Law Firm Marketing Decoded podcast, we will review the basics of Google’s generative AI search tool and explore how lawyers can take a page from Google’s playbook to improve the conversion power of their law firm website.

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