“It almost seemed too good to be true”: Attorney Christina Hagen’s LawLytics Story

LawLytics member Christina Hagen is the owner of a specialized truck wreck and brain injury law practice, Hagen Nares, in Denver, Colorado. Since establishing Hagen Nares about two years ago, Christina and her partner “strive to be as modern as a firm as possible” in everything from their approach to law to their digital presence. 

In the early days, Christina took a DIY approach to creating and maintaining the firm’s online presence. However, as business grew and their needs expanded, Hagen Nares came to realize they needed a website that “looked a lot more professional.” They were also in search of a website solution that was easy to use, easy to navigate, and could help them deliver community resources – something they’re passionate about in their practice. After careful research and a thorough evaluation of their options, Christina and her partner joined LawLytics.

Getting Started with LawLytics


When asked about her experience around getting started with LawLytics, Christina is most enthusiastic about the care she received from our Support team members. Although Christina considers herself tech savvy, LawLytics users don’t need any technical experience whatsoever. Instead, Christina could rely on her Support rep for the technical stuff while she focused on her desired design choices and overall layout. She noted that the Support team was “super responsive” and “amazing.” 

Christina was also impressed by the simplicity of the setup process, telling us it was “basically like creating a Word document” and that the new website was ready “before we knew it.” From there, Christina could feel confident in making any new edits or changes to her site due to the in-depth training she received from the LawLytics team. 

LawLytics Extra Value 

“Anyone can use [it].”

For solos and small law firms, it’s important to have a law firm website that meets the needs of your practice while also complementing your firm’s goals for growth. For Hagen Nares, their LawLytics website not only serves their immediate need for a modern and beautiful website, but it helps them see into the future as well. 

For example, Christina and her partner are passionate about providing community resources as a specialized practice for truck wrecks and brain injury cases. Due to their specialization, there is a great opportunity for them to pursue thought leadership. Creating and sharing resources on their website plays a large role in this goal for Christina and her partner. And, with quick and easy blog creation and posting, Christina is able to build and maintain a resource bank for her clients directly on her website. 

Overall, Christina tells us it’s really the ease of use that sets LawLytics apart from other website providers. Making changes to her website is “literally like a Word document,” allowing her to take her digital presence to the next level without the red tape or hidden fees of marketing agencies. Regardless of an attorney’s experience in managing their digital presence, Christina insists our technology is “really something that anyone can use.” 

Christina’s Results

“Traffic to our website has gone up significantly.”

When asked to compare the effectiveness of LawLytics for her firm’s online visibility to her previous website solution, Christina reported that “traffic to [her] website has gone up significantly” since making the switch. Not only has traffic from potential clients increased for Christina, she also noticed an immediate and positive reaction to the new look from her network. Christina tells us they had “a ton of people reaching out” following a social media announcement of the new site, letting her know “they love the modern approach.” 

Beyond the boost to her online presence, however, Christina’s LawLytics website has helped her and her partner drill down into their niche as a practice. She told us LawLytics played a “big part” in their ability to position themselves as leading attorneys in their areas of practice. The platform’s freedom of design allowed them to cater to their target audience, and nail down the brand image they were aiming for. 

Christina’s Recommendation

“It almost seemed too good to be true.”

Christina can, above all, recommend LawLytics to her friends and colleagues due to the “second to none” customer support she has received during her membership. Her and her partner report they are extremely “pleased with the experience [they’ve] received” and that our Support team has made all the difference for their firm. 

In addition, Christina would like her friends and colleagues to know that the ease of use of LawLytics has made it possible for Hagen Nares to continue to achieve their digital marketing goals. She has especially enjoyed the control she’s had over making small, quick changes to her site, reporting her edits “just appear … in real time.” As an attorney who is passionate about her area of law and those she serves, LawLytics has been a “big part in increasing business” and helping them “serve more people.” 

Time to Make the Switch?

If you’re like Christina, and looking for more support, control, and value from your website provider, LawLytics has the solution. With added value such as on-demand design refreshes, built-in practice area content generation, and free setup assistance for your Google Business Profile listing, LawLytics is the leading web solution for solos and small law firms. 

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